Product News - Normatop Clear

Normatop clear is a brand new high-gloss, solvent-borne polyurethane lacquer developed by Nor-Maali Oy. It provides a high-class weather resistant topcoat with good... Read More.

Pskov factory - Year one update

It has been a year since Nor-Maali’s first factory in Russia got the official production permit and produced the first batch. The construction project, the result of a close co-operation between... Read More.

Nor-Maali Group supplies to Slovakian National Football stadium

Through our Slovakian distributor Valor s.r.o., Nor-Maali Group has supplied anticorrosive coatings produced in our Slovakian factory for the new National Football Stadium in Bratislava... Read More.

Nor-Maali Oy takes part in Finnlines Plc’s Energy Efficiency Programme

Our Marine customer Finnlines Plc has an Energy Efficiency and Emission reduction Investment Programme of 70 Million EUR. Six roro-vessels of the Breeze-series... Read More.

Nor-Maali provides more

Nor-Maali Oy is a Finnish industrial paint factory located in Lahti. It is well known for its innovative product development in industrial and in concrete surface products. Co-operation with international A/S Jotun has made us one of the leading Marine paint suppliers, as well in Finland and in Estonia. We deliver products also neighboring countries and central Europe. Our co-operation with Jotun makes it possible to serve our clients globally.