Nor-Maali products available in Romania

We are pleased to announce our new distribution partnership with a professional anticorrosive company Mediator Co, Romania. Mediator is a family business established in 1991 with... Read More.

Arcobaleno Poland and Nor-Maali Oy form a new distribution agreement

We are proud to announce our new distribution partnership with Polish company Arcobaleno Marcin Jancyk from Warsaw. Arcobaleno is a ... Read More.

A safe working environment

In November Nor-Maali Oy has reached an important milestone. Our factory in Lahti has now been operating for more than three years without any accidents requiring sick leave. This milestone was... Read More.

Product News - Normatop Clear

Normatop clear is a brand new high-gloss, solvent-borne polyurethane lacquer developed by Nor-Maali Oy. It provides a high-class weather resistant topcoat with good... Read More.

Nor-Maali provides more

Nor-Maali Oy is a Finnish industrial paint factory located in Lahti. It is well known for its innovative product development in industrial and in concrete surface products. Co-operation with international A/S Jotun has made us one of the leading Marine paint suppliers, as well in Finland and in Estonia. We deliver products also neighboring countries and central Europe. Our co-operation with Jotun makes it possible to serve our clients globally.