Costa Smeralda, coated with Nor-Maali Oy supplied coatings


On Friday 6th of December 2019, Meyer Turku sent off the latest luxury cruise vessel built at the shipyard. The vessel was handed over to a voyage towards Barcelona with a maximum traveling speed reaching 17 knots.

Costa Smeralda is coated with Jotun’s high quality marine coatings to provide protection in rough sea conditions. Meyer Turku uses Jotun products supplied by Nor-Maali Oy, for reasons such as reliable and fast deliveries and low VOC emission products.

While designing the vessel, many environmental factors were kept in mind. Costa Smeralda is the third LNG vessel, using liquefied natural gas as fuel, built at Meyer Turku Shipyard. The use of LNG does not emit sulfure oxides or fine particulates and significantly reduces the vessel’s nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide emissions. Energy efficiency has been improved with LED lighting, elevators that restore energy to the electrical system and heat generated by the engines is collected and utilized. Daily drinking water is desalinated from seawater.

At the beginning of October, Costa Smeralda set sail for a week-long sea trial near Gotland in Sweden. These trials are used for testing things that would not be possible to test in the yard’s own pool, such as the vessels steering at sea.

Costa Smeralda leaving for the trial cruise towards Gotland.

Costa Smeralda’s sister ship Costa Toscana is due to be completed at Meyer Turku Shipyard in 2021.

Costa Smeralda

  • length 337 meters
  • width 43 meters
  • 17 decks
  • 1 628 cabins with a balcony
  • 11 restaurants
  • Entertainment area “Colosseo”, spanning three decks in height

Nor-Maali improves its sales network in Sweden – Own warehouse in Stockholm

30/10/2020 Nor-Maali is improving its sales network in Sweden and has opened its own warehouse in Stockholm. The aim of the warehouse in Sweden is to improve the level of service and the delivery speed for the needs of local customers and distributors.

Nor-Maali has launched Russian-language website

30/10/2020 Nor-Maali has launched Russian-language website to serve a growing Russian customer base.

Rikon A/S supplies harbor crane to the port of Marseille

28/10/2020 Rikon A/S, a Latvian manufacturer of lifting equipment, supplies a large harbor crane to the port of Marseille. The coating system used in the project was Barrier - Penguard Express ZP - Hardtop AX. Rikon A/S is a customer of our Latvian distributor Latfintex.

Oü Nor-Maali – Fast service in the Baltics

28/10/2020 Nor-Maali Oy's subsidiary Oü Nor-Maali was established in 2015 to serve the Baltic market. Through its subsidiary, Nor-Maali wants to ensure fast and flexible service in this market. An important part of the operation is listening to customers, technical support and practical advice.

Norecryl 50 – Weather resistance and excellent corrosion protection in the same product – without isocyanate

9/10/2020 How to achieve the corrosion resistance of epoxies and fine surface properties along with weather resistance of polyurethanes in a single painting system, where the use of isocyanates is not desired? By choosing Norecryl 50, an isocyanate-free acrylic coating.