Rikon A/S supplies harbor crane to the port of Marseille


Rikon A/S, a Latvian manufacturer of lifting equipment, supplies a large harbor crane to the port of Marseille (height 46 m). The coating system used in the project was Barrier – Penguard Express ZP – Hardtop AX. Rikon A/S is a customer of our Latvian distributor Latfintex.

In order to be selected for a project, paint supplier had to have the approvals of the French authorities OHGPI and GEPI. In addition to the approved paint supplier, the painter also had to be approved for the project. Approvals are related to warranty issues. One of the authorized suppliers is Jotun. In this project, collaboration was made with Jotun France, to obtain approvals for the painting.

The coating system used was Barrier – Penguard Express ZP – Hardtop AX. The system has the above approvals. The painting was performed by Rikon in Latvia. In Marseille, only the necessary repair paintings are carried out after transport and

assembly. The required inspections of the painting process were performed by Latfintex’s Frosio inspector Andris Siksma.

Coating system DFT (µm)
Barrier 60
Penguard Express ZP 200
Hardtop AX 60
Yhteensä 320
Rikon A/S supplies harbor crane

Crane parts. The assembly will be done in Marseille.







Products used in the project

Barrier is a two component polyamide cured zinc rich epoxy coating. It is a very high zinc dust containing product. It conforms to the compositional requirements of SSPC paint 20, level 2. It provides very good corrosion protection as part of a complete coating system. To be used as primer in atmospheric environments.

Penguard Express ZP is a two component amine cured epoxy coating. It is a fast drying, zinc phosphate pigmented, high solids, high build product. Product is specially designed for new construction where short dry to handle and over coating times are required. Can be used as primer, mid coat, finish coat or as single coat system in atmospheric environments. It can be applied at sub zero surface temperatures.

Hardtop AX is a two component chemically curing aliphatic acrylic polyurethane coating. It has a high gloss finish with very good gloss retention. It has good chemical resistance. It is a high solids product. This product contains no solvents on the Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) list. Minor amounts of such solvents may come in through tinting of some colours. To be used as topcoat in atmospheric environments.

Rikon nosturi

Ivanna Anisimova, Rikon’s painting technology and Maris Ozolins, sales manager at Latfintex.