Nor-Maali´s Technical Service


Nor-Maali provides high-quality technical support to ensure an optimal result for customers’ paint investments. Juhani Korajoki is responsible for the technical service of the Nor-Maali brand products.

From the beginning, it was clear to the founding owners that the keys to Nor-Maali’s success would be not only high-quality products, but also our customers – listening closely to their needs and providing technical support and practical advice.

Nor-Maali’s technical support consists of cooperation between technical sales, laboratory and painting department. Nor-Maali also employs three coating advisors at shipyards. The aim is to maintain a high level of service, a good example of which is that more than 50% of technical support staff are Frosio-certified.

With Nor-Maali’s technical support, we are seeking for new and improving our existing solutions creating value for our customers and executing sustainable business practices. We strive to develop the painting process hand in hand with our customers and partners. In our painting solutions, we place particular emphasis on durability, lower VOC emissions and ease of use. Developing environmental safety and product safety are also important issues to us.

Our services:

  • Technical service and product support
  • Updating and modifying customer’s coating specifications
  • Process improvement
  • Problem solving and troubleshooting – claims
  • Paint chemistry and application training
  • Inspection services

The coating advisors focus on the implementation of the project on site, while the technical support team makes the coating specification and a possible inspection and test plan. External factors can have an effect on the future operation of the painting system and poor painting work can lead to weakness of the paint film. This can reduce service life or lead to higher maintenance costs. Inspection of the painting process is therefore important and the involvement of the coating advisor in the project is a quality guarantee for the owner.

Technical Service Manager Juhani Korajoki

Technical service department was established for Nor-Maali brand products about a year ago and Juhani Korajoki was elected its head. As Nor-Maali’s operations expanded, the aim was to ensure customers’ service level with a comprehensive and fast service. Korajoki is responsible for technical service for Nor-Maali brand products. The technical service for Jotun marine coatings is still headed by Marine Sales Manager Petri Hirvensalo.

Juhani Korajoki has a long history at Nor-Maali. He has worked in domestic sales team since 2002. Technical support tasks became familiar for him already from sales work, but now he is responsible for all technical service functions of Nor-Maali brand products.

Korajoki’s duties as head of the technical service include e.g. preparation of technical reports and work instructions, technical telephone advice to customers and internal technical advice. He also participates in painting tests, organizes external and internal training and prepares painting specifications. He collaborates a lot with Nor-Maali’s product development and testing department when looking for the best coating solution for customers or testing the functionality of the product for the customer’s needs.

Nor-Maali tarjoaa korkealaatuista teknistä neuvontaa

Technical Service Manager Juhani Korajoki

Korajoki is involved in various paint related groups, such as coating committees like Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (Steel and coating group), Finnish Steel Structure Association (Fire protection group) and Finnish Chemical, Forest and Paint Industry Standardisation Association.

In addition to his duties as Technical Service Manager, he continues to work as a sales engineer with responsibility for Eastern Finland and Jyväskylä.

With technical issues, please contact Nor-Maali Technical service.

Juhani Korajoki

Manager, Technical Service
tel. (03) 874 6523
mob. 0400 428 108

Looking for more environmentally and user-friendly polyurethane? Normadur Aqua DTM is environmentally-friendly single-coat for challenging industrial applications!

24/2/2021 Nor-Maali´s new water-borne Normadur Aqua DTM polyurethane coating renews the surface treatment. Normadur Aqua DTM makes it possible to choose a water-borne polyurethane coating even for challenging industrial applications, such as machinery and equipment (ACE & OEM).

Growth in Russia – large network to service you fast

12/2/2021 Year 2020 for Nor-Maali in Russia was year of growth and geographical expansion. Sales under Nor-Maali brand name increased over 25% comparing to previous year. A number of new representatives started to sell Nor-Maali´s products across Russia.

Steel surfaces of Mardi Gras are painted with coatings supplied by Nor-maali Oy

9/2/2021 Meyer Turku Shipyard has handed over Mardi Gras luxury cruise ship to its customer Carnival Corporation in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. Steel surface coatings were supplied by Nor-Maali Oy together with Jotun. The products used were e.g. Jotamastic 90, Hardtop AX and SeaQuantum Classic S.

Colours hold power – Nor-Maali offers spectacular looking shades

9/2/2021 Nor-Maali offers its customers a comprehensive range of aesthetically pleasing anti-corrosion coatings for steel surfaces. In addition to technical reliability, our products are also spectacular looking. Tinting is an important part of this. Our topcoats are available e.g. in RAL, NCS S, SSG and RR colours.

Nor-Maali´s industrial coatings are already available from seven dealers in Sweden

3/12/2020 Nor-Maali is once again expanding its operations and Nor-Maali´s coating solutions are now more extensively available in Sweden. Nor-Maali´s industrial coatings are already available from seven dealers. We are pleased to announce two new members to our dealer network: Färg & Bygg i Malmö AB in Malmö and Syntema i Arbrå AB in Arbrå.