Nor-Maali’s NORMADUR AQUA DTM reduces environmental impact – innovation to bring value for your business


Nor-Maali´s Normadur Aqua DTM is the state of the art water-borne polyurethane coating for challenging industrial applications. Normadur Aqua DTM is suitable for various spraying techniques, including electrostatic spraying. It is direct-to-metal solution with high blister-free thickness (200 µm DFT).

Excellent spraying – also a great choice for electrostatic spraying

Normadur Aqua DTM is designed for various spraying techniques, including electrostatic spraying. ”As part of our development path to provide our customers’ user-friendliness and easiness to apply, we studied in number of test paintings different spraying technics and alternative spraying methods”, says Jenni Jäämaa from Offering and Product Management. “Application of Normadur Aqua DTM is possible with several different methods: airless or conventional spraying and also with electrostatic spraying. Although the airless spraying is the most common coating method at our customers, electrostatic spraying is interesting as it reduces overspray – minimizes loss!”

Testing at Syntema i Arbrå AB

Normadur Aqua DTM was tested at our distributor Syntema i Arbrå AB with an electrostatic robot spraying equipment. A round steel rail was coated. ”We monitored the spraying from several angles and it was clear from the beginning that the Normadur Aqua DTM levels off smoothly to the entire object. The paint particles spread evenly and easily wrapped around the bar. Our target DFT was 200 µm”, says Mikael Vårstrand, Country Manager Sweden.

Nor-Maali´s Normadur Aqua DTM water-borne polyurethane coating

Nor-Maali´s Normadur Aqua DTM water-borne polyurethane coating in electrostatic robot spraying at Syntema i Arbrå AB.

Precise film thickness and surface quality measurements were done in the following day. “200 µm DFT was reached without any issues and the surface looked very smooth and glossy”, Mikael continues. Further Johan Holmqvist from Syntema i Arbrå says: “I have tested number of different water-borne polyurethane coatings and with Normadur Aqua DTM the end result was glossier and smoother than earlier experienced.”

Nor-Maali´s Normadur Aqua DTM water-borne polyurethane coating

Normadur Aqua DTM surface on round steel rail the next day. The paint particles have spread around evenly.

Nor-Maali’s products and solutions are available from Syntema i Arbrå stock.

Excellent finish and durability – effect of environmental conditions during application and drying

Nor-Maali´s R&D department has evaluated extensively drying conditions and the film properties of water-borne coatings. “It is clear that higher paint chamber temperature together with medium/low humidity gives the best end result for the surface. Many waterborne resin types i.e. alkyds, two-component polyurethanes or epoxies work best when aforesaid conditions are in place”, says Janni Lavikainen, R&D Chemist.

“In our studies and tests we, in particular, concentrated on finding the optimal humidity level range and right type of ventilation. With proper ventilation the right humidity level can be kept”, continues Janni. Nor-Maali´s R&D test protocol includes field tests and series of runs in climatic chamber. “As always, the field spraying tests bring valuable data, which we use for formula finetuning. It is also good to point out that Normadur Aqua DTM is almost odor free and healthier to work with”, continues Janni.

Nor-Maali´s Normadur Aqua DTM water-borne polyurethane coating

R&D Chemist Janni Lavikainen is checking Normadur Aqua DTM test panel.

Further information from our sales team.

Jotun NORSOK M-501 coating systems

8/4/2021 We offer the Finnish and Baltic markets corrosion protection coating systems for offshore structures. These systems have been designed in accordance with the NORSOK M-501 standard and implemented with Jotun products. Jotun has several tested and pre-approved systems with coatings that have produced excellent results.

Meet Nor-Maali´s Miika Bergdahl – tips for painting new water-borne Normadur Aqua DTM

1/4/2021 When painting with Nor-Maali´s water-borne coatings e.g. Normadur Aqua DTM stable conditions ensure a robust and a premium film. Besides the environment conditions, such as humidity and temperature, there are several practical tips to be kept in mind, says Miika Bergdahl, Nor-Maali’s test painter. Read here below more of Miika and his tips for applying Normadur AQUA DTM.

With Nor-Maali’s high solids NorECOat-products you will make your painted object more sustainable

19/3/2021 Nor-Maali´s high solids epoxies NorECOat FD Primer, NorECOat HS Primer, Noreguard HS and Nor E-Primer are utilizing technology based from natural and renewable, non-food chain raw material feedstock.

Looking for more environmentally and user-friendly polyurethane? Normadur Aqua DTM is environmentally-friendly single-coat for challenging industrial applications!

24/2/2021 Nor-Maali´s new water-borne Normadur Aqua DTM polyurethane coating renews the surface treatment. Normadur Aqua DTM makes it possible to choose a water-borne polyurethane coating even for challenging industrial applications, such as machinery and equipment (ACE & OEM).

Growth in Russia – large network to service you fast

12/2/2021 Year 2020 for Nor-Maali in Russia was year of growth and geographical expansion. Sales under Nor-Maali brand name increased over 25% comparing to previous year. A number of new representatives started to sell Nor-Maali´s products across Russia.


Facts behind the surface

  • TINTABLE – available in e.g. RAL and NCS S colours. Other colours on request.
  • VOC 99 g / L
  • SINGLE-COAT 120 µm DFT: C3-M / C4-L
  • HYBRID SYSTEMS E.G. Epocoat 21 PR, NorECOat FD PR, NorECOat HS PR, Normazinc SE
Normadur Aqua DTM