Moscow Shremetyevo unique aircraft bridge coated with Nor-Maali’s solution


In 2020, a unique aircraft bridge connecting the third runway with passenger terminals was completed at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport. The bridge passes over the motorway and is able to withstand all kinds of aircraft that exist, including the largest cargo liner MRIA AN-225.

The size of the bridge is impressive: 400 meters long and 60 meters wide. The bridge is made of reinforced concrete structures. It is protected from corrosion with Nor-Maali’s coatings: NORMAFLOOR 105 PRIMER (100 µm DFT) – NORMADUR 65 HS (80 µm DFT). The area of painted surfaces was more than 100,000 sq meters.


Moscow Shremetyevo unique aircraft bridge coated with Nor-Maali’s solution

Shremetyevo Airport’s new bridge is protected with Nor-Maali’s solution. The bridge crosses the highway and can carry aircraft of all weights, including Russia’s largest cargo ship, the MRIYA AN-225.


  • Two component epoxy priming lacquer for concrete surfaces
  • Suitable as primer for both old and new concrete floors, concrete elements, concrete walls and basins under NORMAFLOOR epoxy coatings. Applied once, NORMAFLOOR 105 GPR is suitable as a dustbinder and applied twice, as a concrete lacquer.


  • NORMADUR 65 HS is a fast drying, flexible polyurethane coating with an aliphatic isocyanate curing agent. NORMADUR 65 HS is high solid and contains rust preventing pigments.
  • Used as a floor coating on concrete surfaces. NORMADUR 65 HS has good impact resistance.


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Nor-Maali strengthens its organization in Sweden – Anna Strindlund is appointed as Area Sales Manager

9/6/2021 We are pleased to announce, that Anna Strindlund has started 1.6.2021 as Area Sales Manager for Nor-Maali in Sweden. In this new role Anna is responsible for Nor-Maali’s sales activities in Sweden together with Mikael Vårstrand, Country Manager Sweden.

Nor-Maali’s new Norepox Aqua DTM is an ideal solution to enhance work safety and reduce VOC emissions

31/5/2021 Demanding conditions set high standards for industrial coatings. With Nor-Maali’s Norepox Aqua DTM you can reach the same corrosion protection level as with traditional solvent-based coatings. This green solution ensures a superior end-result!

Two new dealers for Nor-Maali´s industrial coatings in Sweden

29/4/2021 We are expanding our operations in Sweden. Nor-Maali´s coating solutions are now available from nine dealers. Färggross from Jönköping and Tinter´s office in Skövde have joined our dealer network.

Looking for environmental friendly industrial coating with ACT-approval? Nor-Maali’s water-borne Normadur Aqua DTM and Akvanor 100 SG are certified!

23/4/2021 Nor-Maali´s water-borne coatings Normadur Aqua DTM and Akvanor 100 SG are now approved and certified according to ACT Volvo STD 423-0014 rev. 6.

Marathon IQ2 – The unrivalled combination of smoothness and toughness through ice

22/4/2021 Marathon IQ2 is Jotun´s breakthrough solution for ice-going vessels. It offers combination of smoothness and toughness with improved application properties. Marathon IQ2 is an environmental friendly and user safety product. It doesn´t contain phenol or solvents.