Alucrom maintenance painted Kalliokoski railway bridge with Nor-Maali´s SILKO coating system


Alucrom Oy has maintenance painted Kalliokoski railway bridge in Ristijärvi with Nor-Maali´s SILKO coating system LIVI B.2+ Normastic 405 – Normastic 405 – Normadur 65 HS.

Alucrom Oy

Alucrom Oy was established in 2015 and is part of Alucrom AB, founded in 1953. Alucrom AB is one of the biggest surface treatment solution contractors in Sweden, Finland and Poland. Since 1996, Alucrom have been part of Midroc Europe. The core business is to offer blasting and advanced surface treatment services.

Alucrom is close to the customer: They understand the needs of their customers, which is always the starting point for the services. Alucrom is an innovative company and they adapt their work process to meet customer’s needs. Thanks to innovative solutions and many unique production methods, they are able to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Alucrom offers its services in the fields of petrochemical industry, automotive, infrastructure, maintenance painting and inspection services. In surface treatment, Alucrom provides various blasting services as well as industrial painting using different methods. Coating systems are available for all corrosivity categories (corrosivity categories C1-CX and immersion categories Im 1-Im 3) in accordance with ISO 12944, EN 1090-2 and NORSOK M-501.

Midroc Alucrom currently has 13 permanent painting stations in Sweden, Finland and Poland. In Finland, the painting facilities are located in Kalajoki and Ylivieska. Project offices are located in Porvoo and Seinäjoki. In addition to painting stations, Alucrom also performs anti-corrosion painting in the field, for example e.g. bridges, tanks, paper mills, power plants, lock gates, ships and cranes.

From left: Alucrom’s project team Marko Timonen, Esa Parkkila and Pertti Lakkala and Business Area Manager Aki Rahnasto.

Kalliokoski railway bridge

The Kalliokoski railway bridge in Ristijärvi was built in the late 1930s. This 122 meters long steel bridge is part of the Kontiomäki-Pesiökylä railway section. In the lower part of the bridge there is a road and above it a railway. The German soldiers blew up the bridge in September 1944 when they retreated from Finland. The current, repaired bridge was completed in 1947.

Alucrom Oy maintenance painted the Kalliokoski railway bridge in the summer of 2021. The total surface area was ​​5000 m2. Paint system used in the project was Nor-Maali’s LIVI B2+ system Normastic 405Normastic 405Normadur 65 HS, tot. 310 µm DFT.

Alucrom Oy has been using Nor-Maali´s coatings in Finland since the company was established in 2015.

“With Nor-Maali’s coatings, the project went smoothly. Coatings were, as agreed, delivered on site when needed. When projects are at the mercy of the weather, it is extremely important that paint deliveries come on time. Here, Nor-Maali’s service has always worked extremely good. In addition, both products, Normastic 405 and Normadur 65 HS, were easy to apply”, say Aki Rahnasto, Business Area Manager and Esa Parkkila, Project Manager at Alucrom Oy.

Alucrom maintenance painted Kalliokoski bridge with Nor-Maali´s coating system

Alucrom maintenance painted Kalliokoski bridge with Nor-Maali´s coating system.

Bridges in Finland

In Finland, The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (Väylä) owned a total of 17,570 bridges at the end of last year; 15,093 road bridges and 2,477 railway bridges. The share of steel bridges of these is about 6.3% (number of bridges) / 13.7% (total surface area of ​​bridges). In addition, most of the tubular bridges are made of steel, which accounts for about 19.0% of the total number of bridges and 2.3% of the total surface area.

In the 2020s, new bridges will continue to be built in Väylä, mainly in connection with road and rail projects. Replacement of older ferry connections with bridges is planned at several sites and the renewal of old bridges will also increase.

Based on practical experience, the bridge will be renovated at the age of 30-40 years. Due to the age structure, the need to repair bridges has grown strongly since the 1990s and will remain at least at the current level for a long time in the years to come. The condition of the bridges is monitored by general inspections carried out approximately every five years. In 2020, 130 bridges were renovated.

The Bridge Repair (SILKO) documents

The SILKO instructions are approved by the SILKO Committee and Väylä, and are used as an instruction in the planning and the implementation of bridge repairs. Where applicable, the guidelines can also be used in new construction projects.

Alucrom maintenance painted Kalliokoski bridge with Nor-Maali´s coating system

Kalliokoski railway bridge.

SILKO coating systems for new construction and maintenance painting

SILKO 3.351 guide for coating systems for new construction and maintenance presents the classification of LIVI coating systems used in the painting of steel structures and in the maintenance painting. The guide also sets out the approval procedures and quality criteria for surface treatment systems.

The coating systems are grouped according to the environmental corrosivity categories of SFS-EN ISO 12944-2 (C3 / C5 / Im1 – Im3). For new construction and maintenance painting of bridges, the durability requirement according to SFS-EN ISO 12944-1 is very high (more than 25 years).

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency uses its own LIVI-initiated symbols in their painting systems. The painting systems are grouped into three different groups LIVI A, LIVI B and LIVI C. Group LIVI A includes systems with zinc primer. These painting systems are primarily intended for new construction. Group LIVI B includes painting systems without zinc based primer. These painting systems are primarily used in maintenance and other special applications. Group LIVI C contains systems for galvanized surfaces.

Only Silko-approved (SILKO 3.351) coating systems may be used at the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency sites. The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency maintains a separate list containing the coating systems of paint manufacturers that have a valid approval. You can find Nor-Maali’s approved coating systems here.

Technical Service Manager Juhani Korajoki  will be happy to help if you need more information.

NoreFast HS: Fast Drying Isocyanate Free Topcoat – Safe & Durable

5/11/2021 NoreFast HS is the perfect choice when your product needs an elegant, safe and long-lasting finish.

Nor-Maali’s environmental system is now certified and complies with the requirements of management standard ISO 14001:2015

29/9/2021 Nor-Maali Oy has received ISO 14001:2015 -certification, dated 20.09.2021. Quality, safety and responsibility have been guiding our operations and offering since the founding of Nor-Maali Oy.

New modern Normafine 40 HS – designed for high-throughput painting

29/9/2021 If you are looking for a cost-effective high volume solids semi-gloss polyurethane coating, you have found it – Normafine 40 HS is designed for general steel structures and machinery and equipment. This acrylic polyurethane coating works as a topcoat or direct-to-metal coating.

Nor-Maali Oy delivered coatings to Wasaline’s Aurora Botnia

13/9/2021 Rauma Marine Construction has handed over M/S Aurora Botnia car and passenger ferry to its customer Kvarken Link for the route Vaasa-Umeå. Steel surface coatings were supplied by Nor-Maali Oy together with Jotun. Products used were e.g. Jotamastic 90, Hardtop XPF and Marathon IQ2.

Nor-Maali’s strenght is on listening closely the needs and providing technical support with practical advices – a perfect match to our business principles, says Johan Klahr at Tinter i Skaraborg AB

3/9/2021 Tinter AB and Nor-Maali have a longtime distributor partnership, first in Gothenburg area and from 2021 also in Tinter AB’s  location in Skövde, Tinter i Skaraborg AB.