Chemflake Special – extreme chemical resistance for long lasting protection


Choosing the right coating for the tank ensures long-term protection against aggressive chemicals and reduces maintenance costs. With the right type of coating, the internal surfaces of the tank are protected from corrosion and the stored product from contamination. The easy-to-apply coating speeds up the maintenance painting process.

Chemflake Special – extreme chemical resistance

Jotun´s Chemflake Special is a glass-flake reinforced, fast-curing vinyl ester coating with extreme chemical resistance. As a glass-flake reinforced vinyl ester, it outperforms traditional systems on lifetime while protecting the internal surfaces of the tank from corrosion and the stored products from contamination. Chemflake Special has volume solids of 96 % and VOC content only 10 g/L. Thanks to it the product has a very small environmental impact.

Chemflake Special protects against many commonly used chemicals, but is especially suitable for acidic conditions. In addition, Chemflake Special has also excellent heat resistance: it withstands continuous dry heat 160 °C (peak 180 °C) and continuous seawater immersion 85 °C (peak 90 °C). More information on Jotun´s Protective Product Resistant List.

Chemflake Special is also suitable for painting food containers. The product meets the requirements of FDA Title 21, Part 175.300 for dry and liquid food.

Typical uses

Chemflake Special can be used as primer, mid coat or finish coat in atmospheric and immersed environments. It is suitable for properly prepared carbon steel, stainless steel and concrete substrates.

Chemflake Special is recommended for areas subject to extreme chemical exposure and mechanical wear and where future maintenance is challenging. It is specially designed as an internal lining for offshore, onshore and buried tanks and pipes such as chemical tanks, flue gas ducts, cooling towers, funnels, pipes, waste water, grey water, concrete bund, pressure vessels.

Chemflake Special – extreme chemical resistance for long lasting protection

Internal tank surfaces coated with Chemflake Special.

Economical, fast protection

Chemflake Special is a fast-drying coating designed to significantly shorten the application time. In some instances, a one-coat system may be enough, but for optimal chemical resistance, two coats are suggested. A typical painting system with Chemflake Special is 2 x 750 µm.

However, even in a two-layer system, Chemflake Special offers substantial time savings, because the product can be overcoated after just four hours (23 °C). It cures rapid, the tank can be put back into use after 72 hours.

Chemflake Special can be sprayed with a standard airless spray or a 2-component spray gun as it is an easy-to-use product for vinyl ester coating. The product can be used to spray really thick films because the paint surface does not crack.

Key features

  • Extremely high acid and chemical resistance
  • Protects against mechanical stress
  • High heat resistance
  • Exceptional lifetime
  • Quick return to service
  • Low VOC content
Chemflake Special – extreme chemical resistance for long lasting protection

Chemflake Special – extreme chemical resistance for long lasting protection.

Chemflake Special

  • VOC: 10 G/L
  • POT-LIFE: 35 MIN

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