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We created our first coatings and surface finishes more than thirty years ago, and we haven’t stopped since. Our services have always included the manufacture and delivery of reliable coating solutions – rapidly and sustainably.

We also have close relationships with our distributors because they play an important role in the Nor-Maali service chain. We support them by providing technical guidance, and we ensure that they are able to help our customers in tinting our products.

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JOTUN – our partner since 1994

We are a licensed manufacturer, marketer and distributor of Jotun’s marine and industrial coatings for Finland and the Baltic States.

Cooperation with this well-respected Norwegian company has also helped us evolve into a competitive coatings supplier in international markets


  • A Norwegian family-owned company established in 1926
  • Number of employees approx. 10,000
  • 40 production facilities and 62 companies
  • Operations on all continents, in more than 100 countries
  • Net sales in 2018 approximately NOK 17.6 billion (approx. EUR 1.7 billion)

WELESGARD – collaborating since 2014

Nor-Maali also collaborates with Welesgard, a company that specializes in developing solution packages. In particular, moisture curing solutions. Our products and expertise form an integral part of the solutions offered by Welesgard.

Welesgard is an international developer and manufacturer of high-performance protective coatings for a wide range of industrial applications and civil constructions.


  • A company established in 2006 whose operations are based on product development and strong partnerships
  • Head office: Switzerland
  • Area of specialization: protection and anti-corrosion coatings


At Nor-Maali, we take protecting the environment seriously. In addition to increasingly strict environmental protection regulations, our growing concern for the environment also motivates us to continuously fine-tune our operations and products, and to reduce our environmental load.

Nor-Maali has committed to operating in accordance with the Responsible Care sustainability program coordinated by the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland. This means that we must continuously improve our production and products with respect to the environment, health and safety.

We ensure that our production facilities are duly protected and conform to the emission standards. All solvent and chemical residues from our manufacturing process are collected for re-use. Our factory does not produce waste that enters landfills; instead, all waste is utilized.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

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Unfortunately we do not have any open positions at the moment. If you are interested in having a career at Nor-Maali, you can send an application and your CV to

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