Nor-Maali Group’s Romanian distributor Mediator Co. Ltd. secured a maintenance coating project from Danube Shipping operator Trading Line. The coated Trading Line barge transports units mainly along the Danube river, between Regensburg and Constanta. The vessel’s intake is approx. 2 400 tons and 3 200 cubic meters.

Mediator delivered Epocoat 21 HB primer and locally tinted Normafine 50 TC to the vessel’s above water areas and topside. Other coatings were Praimex, Norrapid 10 and Norrapid 12 used in decks and superstructure. “We were able to secure this maintenance coating project thanks to our local sales, technical support and immediate deliveries of Nor-Maali branded coatings tinted locally at our Constanta warehouse”, says Mr. Victor Costachescu, Managing Director of Mediator Co. Ltd.


The Danube Main Rhine Channels connect the countries with no access to World Oceans, to the Black Sea.

Epocoat 21 HB is a two-component high build epoxy coating with fast drying properties. Recommended as a primer and intermediate coat for steel surfaces in corrosion classes C2-C5. Suitable primer for aluminium and galvanized surfaces. Typically used on industrial frames, pipe bridges, conveyors and supporting structures of process industry. It provides opportunity for extended recoating times and it can also be coated with polyurethane coatings.

Normafine 50 TC is a two-component semi-gloss high solids acrylic polyurethane topcoat. The coating is recommended for topcoat use in both epoxy and polyurethane systems in corrosion classes C2-C5. Typically used on steel structures, ships, containers and vehicles in outdoor and indoor applications. Normafine 50 TC also cures at lower temperatures.

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