Nor-Maali has launched a new polyurethane coating, Normafine 80.

Normafine 80 is two-component glossy anticorrosive pigmented polyurethane coating. Volume solids of 70 % guarantees low VOC-content (260 g/L). Normafine 80 is easy-to-apply single coat (direct-to-metal) with excellent gloss retention and abrasion resistance.

Normafine 80 is an excellent choice for spraying where glossy appearance with good levelling are required. It is an ideal solution for machinery, industrial equipment, agricultural machines and heavy transportation equipment. Normafine 80 can be used as a single coat in environmental classes C3 and C4 and as a topcoat with primer in C5. Wet-on-wet application is possible.

Best in class spraying features help customers to have fine surface appearance for their products. Gloss level of 80 G.U. (60°) and smooth film surface can be achieved with Normafine 80. Film surface is both hard and flexible at the same time. For contractors Normafine 80 offers fast through put and cost-effectiveness and for  applicators good application properties. Applying thick layers without sagging are possible, so corners and challenging parts do not cause a problem.

Normafine 80 combines easy application to outstanding film appearance with fast lead-time. It is the answer for many coating challenges.

Normafine 80 is now available as a stock product.

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