Great cooperation with Mik-Rip Teräs Oy since 2013

About Mik-Rip Teräs Oy


Our Finnish customer Mik-Rip Teräs Oy invested into a new 1 725 m2 large surface treatment facility in 2013. The premises also have covered outdoor storing area of 600 square meters.

The facility was designed with work efficiency and environment in mind. There are two large painting chambers in the central part of the hall, as well as one hall for steel grain blasting. All three of these spaces can be driven through, which makes it easier to move large products. On one side of the chambers is a drying area. The other side holds a large shot blasting machine and the packaging area. Forklifts run smoothly in and out of these joined spaces, as there is plenty of room to move.

Environmental aspects were thought of especially in the area of ventilation and heating. The ventilation system circulates the indoor air until the gas content in the premises exceeds the permissible limit. When the limit is reached, replacement air is extracted from outdoors. Heating is done by burning wood chip harvested from a self-owned forest. Thanks to the modern heating system, only 120 liters of ash is produced per thousand cubic meters. Waste heat from the shot blasting machine is also utilized. The company’s VOC emissions are reduced by using high solids coatings.
Originally, Mik-Rip manufactured steel structures until in 2014 they incorporated their 1982 founded sandblasting and surface treatment company Sipoon Hiekkapuhallus to Mik-Rip Teräs Oy. Subsequently, the company then concentrated their specialization completely into surface treatment. Petri Mikkola, the son of the founder has been leading the business since 1998.

User friendly coatings

Petri comments on the co-operation on a positive note.

“Our painters like to work with Nor-Maali coatings. The mixing ratios and spraying features are user friendly and accelerators can be used to further the flow of products when needed. The coatings also don’t have a strong or unpleasant smell.”

Mik-Rip Teräs Oy uses Nor-Maali’s polyurethane top coats, single coats and epoxy primers. Nor-Maali coatings are used for protecting a large variety of products. In the works, there was a chamber full of brackets about to be coated with Normadur 65 HS.

Both Mik-Rip and Nor-Maali promise the customer high quality products and services, delivered quickly.


Mik Rip Teräs Oy's painter Lars Nyholm applying a coat of Normadur 65 HS to protect a set of brackets.

Mik-Rip Teräs Oy's Managing Director Petri Mikkola with Nor-Maali Oy's technical sales Marko Patrikainen.

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