M/S Hammershus

Molslinjen Shipping Company’s new 158 meter long car and passenger ferry is the first new building ship entirely constructed at Rauma Marine Constructions – RMC. The project has affected employment for approximately 1000 person-years. The vessel M/S Hammershus has been delivered to the Danish company and it has been operating since the autumn of 2018 in Denmark. Nor-Maali Oy was chosen for this challenging project’s coating supply based on the customer’s trust in delivery times, technical support and high-quality products. Nor-Maali has been cooperating with shipbuilding in Rauma since the 1990’s.

RMC was founded in 2014 in Finland to continue shipbuilding tradition in Rauma, which began back in the 1600’s. The company’s strongest products are icebreakers, car ferries and defense vessels. RMC is a specialist in steel building, with references of artificial island and floating luxury villas in the United Arab Emirates. RMC directly employs 110 people and the entire network has hundreds of employees in the Rauma shipyard.

Coating project by Ermail Oy

The coating project was managed by Ermail Oy. Ermail has been providing quality surface treatment in the Finnish industrial field for over 25 years. They have references e.g. shipbuilding, propeller equipment, ramps and dock structures. Cooperation with both companies was excellent during this project.

The CEO of Ermail Oy Jussi Seikkula stated on several occasions during the project, that it is a great relief for him to be able to trust that ordered coatings arrived on time, and often earlier. High-quality materials combined with a job well done guarantee the end-customer a long lasting product that is easy to maintain.

Chosen main products

The main products chosen were Jotaprime 500 and Hardtop XPF.

Jotaprime 500 is suitable for new building and maintenance painting. This product’s key advantages are a fast coating cycle, low temperature curing and good painting properties. One curing agent suitable for every season is a great advantage and VOC emissions are lower with the high solids of the product. Jotaprime 500 can be used in nearly every surface on new building ships.

Hardtop XPF is a very high quality polyurethane top coat. This product’s advantages are high solids and good drying properties down to -10 °C. The product has excellent spraying properties due to optimized reology. From the ship-owners point of view, the color and gloss retention properties are in order as well. When Yard considered which products to use it was important, that due to timing of the building process, painting works also had to be carried out in wintertime. That is when these two products proved their functionality.

One of the specialty products used in this project was the chemical resistant and solvent free coating designed for grey and black water tank lining, Tankguard SF. The product is suitable for marine and offshore industries, as well as on-land projects with heavy chemical stress such as chemical tanks, waste, grey and black water, process water and drilling mud tanks. It is especially suitable for crude oil tanks up to +140 °C. Tankguard SF is easy to spray with a high-pressure airless spray gun, which contributes to a high quality result. The product is solvent free, so there is no shrinkage and solvents are not entrapped in the coating film.

Photo: Rauma Marine Constructions

Together with the Molslinjen project, RMC modernized Finnish Environment Center research vessel Aranda. Nor-Maali Oy supplied coatings to both of these vessels, as well as on the previous maintenance coating projects to Aranda.


Photo: Rauma Marine Constructions

Photo: Rauma Marine Constructions

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