Serco products are sprayed with Nor-Maali's direct-to-metal coating Normadur 65 HS


The start of the partnership between Nor-Maali and JPT-Jaskari, the manufacturer of Serco brand road maintenance devices, goes back to 2011. Nor-Maali’s sales manager showed genuine interest to advance our painting process by moving to a single-coat system from the traditional primer + top coat combination. Juha-Pekka Jaskari, CEO of JPT Jaskari, talks about SERCO work devices and Nor-Maali’s role as paint partner.

The collaboration with Nor-Maali started already in 2011. At that time, we already had Serco brand work devices in our assortment. Still today we are manufacturing SERCO products and the fruitful collaboration with Nor-Maali continues.

SERCO products

We at JPT Jaskari design and manufacture innovative SERCO brand work devices for the year-round maintenance and upkeep of roads. Our main products are equipment for professional snow ploughing, grit spreading, levelling, washing and sweeping. Our most known products are e.g. the Zoom plows of the Top range and the Disc spreaders of the Vilho range.

We, as a company, are committed to service and provide our customers’ the entire chain from product development to manufacturing, sales and spare parts and technical service. All our customer service is direct from our own office, no dealers or retailers in between. This is how we can ensure a very high quality and flexible service for our customers. We are able to implement changes and improvements captured during the sales interface, provide immediate technical service. We carry a right component at our spare parts for our customers’ SERCOs.

Nor-Maali´s fast service

All SERCO products are painted with Nor-Maali’s coatings at our own paint shop. For us it is core to secure our customer’s needs – to service right on time! Sometimes this leads to tightened schedules at our production, in particular, if we are temporally out of stock of a specific model. This also requires from our paint supplier to act fast. Nor-Maali has kept its promise – order today and paint tomorrow! The paints ordered today are delivered to our Köyliö facility already in the morning – ready for our painters to start spraying. Deliveries are really fast!

Innovations and green values

For us innovations and green values are building blocks we constantly take into account.  Every component from which SERCO products are built matters, including the coating.

For all SERCO products we use Nor-Maali’s Normadur Normadur 65 HS anti-corrosion pigmented polyurethane coating. As a flexible direct-to-metal polyurethane coating Normadur 65 HS combines the properties of a primer and a topcoat. By using this single-coat system both time and cost savings have been gained. Thanks to the anti-corrosion pigmentation, the service life of Serco-products is also prolonged. Normadur 65 HS meets our design, practicality and aesthetics requirements as well.

As far as green values are concerned; we are eagerly waiting to test still this year Nor-Maali’s new Finnish innovation; the water-borne polyurethane coating Normadur Aqua DTM. This could be a logical step from high solid and low solvent solution (Normadur 65 HS) to next level of reducing our VOC emissions even further.

The Key Flag Symbol – Made in Finland

We at SERCO are proud of our domestic nature of our products and services, we believe in quality manufacturing in Finland. We prefer partnering with companies providing locally made products: Nor-Maali’s coating fit well to us: Nor-Maali’s products are developed and produced in Lahti, Finland.

Serco products have been awarded The Key Flag Symbol (Avainlippu) – Made in Finland.

Juha-Pekka Jaskari, CEO of JPT Jaskari, tells about SERCO products.

Serco products are sprayed with Nor-Maali's direct-to-metal coating Normadur 65 HS.

Serco products are sprayed with Nor-Maali's direct-to-metal coating Normadur 65 HS

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