Shipping and storage

”Before coming to Nor-Maali I had started working as a summer helper in a supermarket, but I ended up working there for six years. I was about to start studies related to retailing, when a friend called there is an opening for a permanent job at Nor-Maali. This coming September it will be 15 years ago, since I got that call.”

Today Janne Keskinen works in dispatch and storage management at Nor-Maali Oy. The best parts of his work is the free nature of it and the possibility to plan the daily tasks yourself, always taking into consideration the current workload. The variability due to the rotation of different tasks with other dispatch workers and the challenges where it is necessary to put in real thinking and planning are absolutely a plus. Through working in dispatch and storage, Janne gets to interact with our customers, shipping companies and different departments in Nor-Maali.

Janne’s tasks include gathering, dispatching and receiving of deliveries as well as maintaining the warehouse and clarifying any possible delivery claims. In his job in the shipping department, Janne works closely with Nor-Maali Oy’s management, sales team and invoicing. He has also been one of the people in charge of developing, testing and implementing our new QR gathering software.

Even though most of the tasks are independent, it is still clearly teamwork. “It is nice to come to work when you have fun workmates. Everyone has a sense of humor and we can even throw some cheeky comments to each other with no worries. Problems are talked through and we can be open if something is not working out like it should.”

At this time of the year, Janne’s free time is been consumed by snow plowing work, like many others’ in Finland during this winter. Usually most of the free time goes by following the hobbies of his three sons and other activities with the whole family.

“In the winters we do both cross country and downhill skiing and in the summer we fish a lot at our cottage.”