Two new dealers for Nor-Maali´s industrial coatings in Sweden


We are expanding our operations. Nor-Maali´s coating solutions are now available from nine dealers in Sweden. Färggross from Jönköping and Tinter´s office in Skövde have joined our dealer network.

Nor-Maali is happy to introduce Färggross from Jönköping and Tinter Skövde as new dealers. Welcome to Nor-Maali´s team! With these professional dealers, we can serve customers even better and faster in Sweden.

Färggross i Jönköping AB

Färggross i Jönköping AB dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, when the company was called Ekholms Färg, Tapet och Kemikalieaffär. The current owner of the company is Claes Ekholm. Färggross´ facilities are located in the Fridhem industrial area in Jönköping, where they have a large 1,900 m2 warehouse and a comprehensive product range. The sales area is mainly Småland County.

One important part of the company´s product range is industrial paints. In addition to reselling paints, Färggross works closely with the customers. The company help to find the best paint solution for each project. They do testing in their own lab to find the best paint system. In addition, they have their own transport service to guarantee fast delivery.

Tinter AB Skövde

Anders and Niklas Folkesson, father and son, founded Tinter in 1984. At that time, Anders had 25 years of experience in the paint industry.  Today, the company employs about 20 people and sells e.g. paints and adhesives in Western Sweden.

The comprehensive range of paints includes e.g. industrial paints, car paints, boat paints and equipment for painting. Tinter has warehouses and offices south of Gothenburg in Kållerred and in Skövde. Deliveries are made with their own transport, so they are always close to the customer.

Nor-Maali´s dealers in Sweden:

For more information, please contact Mikael Vårstrand or Markku Tuominen.

Environmental Product Declaration for Normafine 40 HS

15/3/2024 Nor-Maali's solvent-based Normafine 40 HS polyurethane coating has received an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). Previously, Nor-Maali's products with an EPD included the water-borne Norepox Aqua DTM and six solvent-based coatings.

Speed up Your Production with Nor-Maali’s Normathane 50 FD Polyurethane Topcoat

7/2/2024 Normathane 50 FD is Nor-Maali's new solvent-based polyurethane topcoat designed to ensure a fast production throughput. Together with a quick-drying epoxy primer, this semi-gloss polyurethane topcoat enhances your production process.

Oü Nor-Maali Expands Business Operations in Estonia

11/1/2024 Oü Nor-Maali, a subsidiary of Nor-Maali Oy, is expanding its business operations in Estonia. The company has opened a new branch in Narva, known as the industrial hub of Eastern Estonia. This new facility is part of Nor-Maali's strategy to strengthen its presence in the Eastern Estonian region.

The world’s largest cruise ship, Icon of the Seas, was painted with coatings supplied by Nor-Maali Oy

14/12/2023 The luxury cruise ship Icon of the Seas, built by Meyer Turku, left the shipyard at the end of November. The steel surfaces of the ship were painted with high-quality Jotun coatings supplied by Nor-Maali Oy, including products such as Jotamastic 90, Hardtop AX and SeaQuantum Classic S.

Improved opacity with coloured bases

14/12/2023 Nor-Maali offers its customers a comprehensive range of polyurethane coatings for anti-corrosion painting of steel surfaces. The colours of the objects to be painted vary from light to dark, including bright shades as well. With Nor-Maali's polyurethane coatings bright yellow and red shades also have good opacity.