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We deliver high-quality coatings when you need them

At Nor-Maali, we are flexible and fast, and we give each customer the best service we can. Our aim is simple: to deliver the high-quality coatings you need when you need them.

You can order today and get your coating tomorrow, all with friendly, knowledgeable and speedy service. In fact, almost all of our products are available right away.

To support you and your business, we have R&D and testing units located in Lahti, Finland. Here, our sales personnel and technical support will work with you and listen to your needs, and together, we’ll find the best way to make your painting work smoother and faster.


Marine coatings

Our marine products are high-performance coatings with antifouling or anti-corrosion properties. We offer you optimal solutions that comply with today’s regulations.

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We proudly present: the new Normafloor Aqua

Normafloor Aqua is Nor-Maali’s new water-borne epoxy coating for concrete floors in our growing range of more sustainable products and solutions.

Normafloor Aqua is CE marked and M1 classified, being a great choice for construction sites where the floor coating must be a low-emitting and a user-friendly.

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