ROXON’s material handling equipment is painted with coatings supplied by Nor-Maali

ROXON has a long history with Nor-Maali – ROXON's material handling equipment has been painted with coatings supplied by Nor-Maali for 20 years. The latest project painted with Nor-Maali´s products was completed in the Pori Deep Harbour.

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Euran Pintakäsittely paints with Nor-Maali´s Normafine 40 HS

Euran Pintakäsittely Oy specializes in high-quality blast cleaning and painting of steel structures. The cooperation between Nor-Maali and Euran Pintakäsittely has lasted 15 years, and over the years Nor-Maali has supplied paints for several projects. At the moment, Euran Pintakäsittely paints with Normafine 40 HS.

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Kavamet relies on Nor-Maali´s fast service

The cooperation between Nor-Maali and the engineering workshop Kavamet has lasted already for almost twenty years. Kavamet is known as a manufacturer of high-quality steel and engineering products in Finland and abroad. Over the years, Nor-Maali has supplied coatings for several of the company's projects. Kavamet is currently working on a large pipe bridge project where Nor-Maali's Normazinc SE, NOR E-Primer and Normafine 40 HS products are used for steel painting.

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The start of the partnership between Nor-Maali and JPT-Jaskari, the manufacturer of Serco brand road maintenance devices, goes back to 2011. Nor-Maali's sales manager showed genuine interest to advance our painting process by moving to a single-coat system from the traditional primer + top coat combination. Juha-Pekka Jaskari, CEO of JPT Jaskari, talks about SERCO work devices and Nor-Maali’s role as paint partner.

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AJ&J Service Oy

AJ&J Service Oy and Nor-Maali has been in cooperation since 2001. In addition to reliable coating solutions, AJ&J Service values ​​good delivery reliability as well as immediate service and technical support.

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Mik-Rip Teräs Oy

Our customer Mik-Rip Teräs Oy uses Nor-Maali's polyurethane topcoats and direct-to-metal coatings, as well as our epoxy primers. Easy to use and the possibility to a fast turnaround time are important factors when Mik-Rip chooses what products to use.

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OÜ Nor-Maali and OÜ PMT have cooperated for over 20 years. OÜ PMT produces steel constructions for paper and wood industry, as well as mining equipment. OÜ Nor-Maali has been the company’s main paint supplier throughout the last years.

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Molslinjen – M/S Hammershus

Nor-Maali Oy delivered coatings to the first new building ship entirely constructed at Rauma Marine Constructions.

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Finnlines – Energy efficiency programme

Nor-Maali Oy / Jotun participated in the Finnlines energy efficiency and emission reduction programme as the coatings supplier. The program consisted of retrofitting four Breeze series ro-ro vessels at Remontowa Shipyard in Gdansk.