KSP Kaarina Paints with Nor-Maali's Coatings

KSP Kaarina Oy

KSP Kaarina Oy specializes in sandblasting and painting of steel structures. The collaboration between Nor-Maali and KSP Kaarina has been ongoing since 2010, during which Nor-Maali has supplied coatings for numerous projects of the company.

KSP Kaarina Oy

KSP Kaarina Oy, established in 2010, is an industrial painting company located in Kaarina. It serves clients in the Turku economic region. KSP Kaarina has an annual turnover of approximately three million euros and employs an average of 17 people. The managing director of the company is Mikko Hannula.

KSP Kaarina’s services include steel pre-treatment, wet painting, and inspection services. The company performs anti-corrosion painting for all atmospheric corrosivity categories and specializes in services like fire protection painting, solvent-free 2K paint application, maintenance painting for ships, and painting of large-sized items. Their Frosio Level III inspector is also certified as a fireproof inspector by the Steel Structure Association. KSP Kaarina’s competitive advantages are its quick delivery, and high quality.

New Paint Shop

Last year, KSP Kaarina completed a new paint shop, addressing the overcapacity of the old facilities and offering the opportunity to increase capacity. The combined area of the three old paint shops is about 2500 m² (1000 m² + 1000 m² + 500 m²), with a total of four cranes capable of lifting from five to ten tons.

The new paint shop is significantly larger, comprising 1600 m². It features a 10-ton crane capacity and more advanced technology, including more efficient ventilation and precisely adjustable temperature control, enhancing energy efficiency.

Collaboration with Nor-Maali

KSP Kaarina has been a client of Nor-Maali since its foundation in 2010. KSP Kaarina is particularly satisfied with the delivery speed of Nor-Maali’s coatings. Orders placed by two p.m. are delivered by the following morning. If a product is unavailable in the upcoming delivery, customers are always notified in advance of the shipment’s arrival.

In the past few years, KSP Kaarina has frequently used products such as the epoxy primers Epocoat 21 Primer and Norecoat FD Primer, the semi-gloss epoxy topcoat Norepox HS, and polyurethane topcoats like the semi-gloss Normadur 65 HS and the semi-matt Normafine 20.

KSP Kaarina paints with Nor-Maali's coatings.

KSP Kaarina Paints with Nor-Maali's Coatings

KSP Kaarina's new paint shop is approx. 1,600 m2 in size.

KSP Kaarina Paints with Nor-Maali's Coatings

KSP Kaarina's new paint shop.

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