Machinery & equipment

Nor-Maali offers a wide range of anti-corrosion coating systems for machinery and equipment.
Our high-quality PUR single-coat systems ensure fast production lead times – without compromising your product’s appearance or corrosion/abrasion resistance. We guarantee long-lasting protection for your coated product, even in the toughest environmental conditions.

We make solutions that meet your needs:

  • Single-coat systems
  • Cost-effective systems
  • Fast drying
  • UV resistant polyurethanes
  • High corrosion protection
  • Your preferred gloss level
  • Low VOC content
  • Various operating environments
  • Wide range of colors

Our ISO 12944- 5 compliant coating systems

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The coating systems we recommend for machinery and equipment include:

Outdoor applications – Agriculture, construction and earth-moving (ACE/OEM) equipment

Single-coat systems – 1 x 120 μm
Normafine 20
Normafine 80
Normafine HS
Normadur 65 HS

Indoor applications – Machinery and equipment

Single-coat systems – 1 x 120 μm
Epotex HB
Noreguard HS
Norepox HS