Jotun NORSOK coating systems

We offer the Finnish and Baltic markets corrosion protection coating systems for offshore structures. These systems have been designed in accordance with the NORSOK M-501 standard and implemented with Jotun products. Jotun has several tested and pre-approved systems with coatings that have produced excellent results over the last 25 years.

NORSOK M-501 systems

Download the right coating system below, by clicking the name of the system.

NORSOK coating system No. 1

– Carbon steel with maximum operating temperature < 120°C
– Structural steel
– Exteriors of equipment, vessels, piping and valves (not insulated)

NORSOK coating system No. 2

– Carbon steel with operating temperature > 120°C
– All insulated surfaces of tanks, vessels, piping
– Flare booms and crane booms
– Underside of bottom deck included piping, jacket above splash zone and life boat stations are optional areas (to be decided in each project)

NORSOK coating system No. 3

– Internal of carbon steel tanks

NORSOK coating system No. 4

– Walkways, escape routes and lay down areas

NORSOK coating system No. 5

– Under passive fire protection

NORSOK coating system No. 6

Stainless steel, aluminium and galvanised steel

NORSOK coating system No. 7

– Submerged carbon steel and carbon steel in the splash zone
– Submerged stainless steel and stainless steel in the splash zone

NORSOK coating system No. 8

– Structural carbon steel with operating temperature ≤80°C in internal and fully dry and ventilated areas

NORSOK coating system No. 9

– Bulk supplied carbon steel valves with operating temperature up to 150°C