Storage tanks

We offer a range of protective coating systems for the interior and exterior surfaces of storage tanks: in addition to our own products, we offer certified Jotun products that are designed for coating tanks and containers.

Choosing the right coating not only ensures your product’s long-term resistance against aggressive chemicals, it also reduces your maintenance costs. To protect the exterior surfaces of your tanks and containers against corrosion, you can choose from a wide range of products with different gloss levels and colors. Our easy-to-apply coatings help reduce production lead times.


  • Chemical tanks
  • Potable-water tanks
  • Grey-water tanks
  • Crude-oil tanks

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Jotun´s TankFast solution – The industry just got quicker

When your tanks are out of service, they are not making you any money. With TankFast, Jotun has dramatically reduced the application time for lining tanks. Using products such as Tankguard SF, which allows for wet-on-wet application, and Tankguard Plus, which enables up to 50% faster completion, you can significantly reduce shutdown time and return your tanks to service more quickly than ever before.

Which lining for which tank?



  • Alkaline solutions
  • Some Biofuels
  • Water in various forms
  • Phenolic epoxies used for higher temp.
  • Veg. and mineral oils

Vinyl Esters:

  • Biofuels
  • Acids
  • Aggressive chemicals, temperature, max 85°C

 Zinc Silicates:

  • Alcohols
  • Ketones
  • Other Solvents

The TankFast products


Tankguard Storage 

  • Getting your clean petroleum product and crude oil tanks back into service within 48 hours

Tankguard Plus

  • Up to 50% faster than competition, for 95% of your mild steel tanks

 Tankguard SF

  • The benefit of two solvent free coats in the time of one

Tankguard Zinc

  • The best solvent resistance 60% faster than an epoxy coating – no mudcracking

Chemflake Special

  • The fastest lining for acid storage tanks


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