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Nor-Maali is a team of paint experts who like to serve customers well. We are well known for our innovative product development in industrial and concrete surface products. We are also a leading supplier of high-quality marine coatings for dockyards and shipping companies.

We are committed to developing our coatings, and we have improved the effectiveness of our industrial coatings on steel and concrete surfaces, and we have also made them easier to use. Whatever you need, we aim to deliver it rapidly. We’ll work closely with you to find the optimal solution, whether it’s from our extensive range of products or tailor-made.

We created our first coatings and surface finishes more than thirty years ago, and we haven’t stopped since. Our services have always included the manufacture and delivery of reliable coating solutions – rapidly and sustainably.

We also have close relationships with our distributors because they play an important role in the Nor-Maali service chain. We support them by providing technical guidance, and we ensure that they are able to help our customers in tinting our products.

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Focus on coatings right from the start

Our company was established in 1987 by four coatings pioneers. Having worked in the industry for several years they bought an old paint factory in Lahti and set out on a journey that would create a company, which for a long period has held a leading position in the Finnish protective and marine paint market.

In the beginning, we focused mainly on the Finnish market, developing coatings to protect products from the harsh weather conditions of Finland. Nor-Maali was the first company in Finland to introduce to the markets a single-coat polyurethane coating, which has allowed our customers to reduce their lead times and improve their business.

From the get-go, it was clear to the founding owners that the keys to Nor-Maali’s success would be not only high-quality products, but also our customers – listening closely to their needs and providing technical support and practical advice. Our founding owners prioritized and made it an honor to offer flexible and humble, premium service to all customers – and we believe this is an area, where we have succeeded in.

We developed our distributor network on strategic areas throughout Finland. Many have been working with us for a number of decades. Our distributors have been helping Nor-Maali to be close to all customers, ensuring that deliveries can be done rapidly, in other parts of Finland as well. Since the beginning, we have supported our distributors and ensured that they are able to help customers with technical advice and have the ability to tint our products locally.

In 1994, we formed a partnership with Jotun, a well-respected Norwegian coatings company with extensive international operations. Jotun is today one of the world’s largest companies in its industry, employing over 10,000 people. Since then, we have marketed Jotun and Nor-Maali branded products for industrial and marine segments to Finland and the Baltic States.

Over the last decades, Nor-Maali has expanded into a number of export markets. In Estonia, we have a sales company that services the Baltic countries, with a growing number of distributors in this region. In Slovakia Nor-Maali is present with production. Through additional distributors, we serve a number of countries in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.

And here we are today, a competitive operator in Finland and globally. Our Finnish unit has recorded net sales in excess of EUR 25 million, and we continue to offer our customers a wide range of services – always living up to our original service promise: fast and flexible.

Research and development

Coatings that last longer and are easier to use

We have a passion for innovation, value creation for our customers and execute sustainable business practices. We offer our customers high quality products and services with environmental and product safety in mind.

An important part of our R&D efforts is developing waterborne coatings. We are proud to offer protective coatings, including waterborne options, for a range of applications.

We possess thorough knowledge of industrial coatings and their behavior on various surfaces and in different coating compounds and conditions. Our product development department also develops new coating grades and compounds for applications where old solutions do not work. We continuously work to improve existing technologies and explore new ones – together with you and our supplier partners.

Our product range includes premium epoxies for long-lasting protection, superior polyurethanes with high-class film appearance and a range of alkyds and acrylic for lighter steel protection. Besides these technologies, Nor-Maali has several special resin systems available. We can offer tailor-made solutions to our customers.

Our product development department and laboratory use the latest equipment and software applications to meet today’s challenges. The properties we emphasize in our products are especially durability, lower VOC emissions and ease of use.

JOTUN – our partner since 1994

We are a licensed manufacturer, marketer and distributor of Jotun’s marine and industrial coatings for Finland and the Baltic States.

Cooperation with this well-respected Norwegian company has also helped us evolve into a competitive coatings supplier in international markets


  • A Norwegian family-owned company established in 1926
  • Number of employees approx. 10,000
  • 40 production facilities and 67 companies
  • Operations on all continents, in more than 100 countries
  • Net sales in 2023 approximately NOK 31,8 billion (approx. EUR 2.8 billion)


Sustainable and responsible business

We strive to take environmental, economic and social impacts into account in our operations.

At Nor-Maali, we take protecting the environment seriously. In addition to increasingly strict environmental protection regulations, our growing concern for the environment also motivates us to continuously fine-tune our operations and products, and to reduce our environmental load.

Nor-Maali has committed to operating in accordance with the Responsible Care sustainability program coordinated by the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland. This means that we must continuously improve our production and products with respect to the environment, health and safety.

We want to be a reliable employer and supplier. We have invested in the competences and well-being of our staff. As an expert in the field, we can offer our customers solutions that are sustainable and responsible, which also improve the profitability of their business.

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Job opportunities

Unfortunately we do not have any open positions at the moment. If you are interested in having a career at Nor-Maali, you can send an application and your CV to