Nor-Maali is the leading marine coating supplier in Finland. We supply Jotun's high-quality products in Finland and the Baltic markets for the shipping and marine industries' demanding needs.

Thanks to Jotun's long-standing experience and our close co-operation with customers, we are able answer present day market needs with our unique solutions.

We will guide you to a system that will:

  • optimize hull performance and fuel efficiency during operation
  • ensure hull performance to maintain speed and schedule

This is made possible with our extensive range of anti-corrosion and antifouling products.
We provide high quality products and technical support, tailoring the most efficient and reliable solution for you.

Don’t hesitate to call our Marine sales: +358 387 4650 or send an email to

New building

  • cruise vessels
  • ice going vessels & ice breakers
  • tankers
  • chemical tanks
  • tailor made solutions
  • MED-certified products

Maintenance and docking

  • on-board maintenance
  • technical service
  • training for crews
  • worldwide Jotun network
  • highest quality antifouling products
  • Smart Pack systems optimized for easy maintenance coating