VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) have been proven to be harmful to humans, animals and plants in larger concentrations, when combined and even individually. The adverse health impacts of VOCs include eye, nose and throat irritation, as well as headaches. Environmental certification requires us, as a manufacturer of coatings, to report on the VOC emissions of our products annually. VOC values are marked on all of our products’ product pages and Technical Data Sheets. You can use our calculator to measure the volume of VOCs contained in the amount of a specific coating that you will use and to compare the VOC emissions of different products.

Product Usage (l) Volume solids (vol.%) VOC-value (g/l) Density (kg/l) Mass of solids (g/l) Total mass of solids (kg) VOC-emission (kg)


Usage (l): 0

Total mass of solids (kg): 0

VOC-emission (kg): 0