Nor-Maali's rapid paint deliveries ensure efficient production for Shroma

Shroma Oü

Since 2017, Shroma Oü has been using Nor-Maali’s industrial coatings for their containers. The company greatly values Nor-Maali’s fast and reliable delivery; the coating is always available exactly when needed. Currently, Shroma primarily uses Normadur 65 HS in their surface treatment.

Shroma Oü: Versatile Container Manufacturing in Estonia

Established in 2007, Shroma Oü is a dynamically developing Estonian production company specializing in manufacturing and installing different metal constructions. The company also undertakes subcontracting work for mining, agriculture, and construction sectors, both domestically and internationally. Currently, Shroma employs 127 people.

The company operates two factories in Estonia. One in Kiviõli, dedicated to container production, and another in Ahtme, where both containers and other industrial structures are manufactured. Shroma has 4000 m² of production area and 2000 m² of storage space, machinery and equipment for handling various tasks, as well as sandblasting and painting facilities.

Shroma offers a wide range of steel containers for various purposes. Their product line includes both standard and customized containers, catering to industries like construction, logistics, and storage. The products are designed to withstand demanding conditions, including corrosion and chemical exposure. Shroma’s competitive edge lies in the high quality of their products and their swift production and delivery processes. Their main markets are in Finland and Sweden.

Trusted Partnership with Nor-Maali

The collaboration between Shroma and Nor-Maali began in 2017. Throughout this partnership, Shroma has relied on the quality and prompt deliveries of Nor-Maali. The paint is always delivered on schedule, meeting the needed specifications. Commonly, the containers go to corrosion category C3, and the typical painting system used is Normadur 65 HS with a 100–120 µm dry film thickness. Normadur 65 HS has proven to be an effective product for Shroma due to its ease of use, appropriate drying time, and reasonable cost. Other products used by the company include Epocoat 21 Primer, Norecoat FD Primer, and Jotun’s Barrier, Jotamastic 90, and Hardtop XP.

For Shroma, the most important features of a paint are its drying speed and price. The coating must dry quickly so that the product can be delivered to the customer promptly, aligning with the Shroma’s promise of fast production and delivery. Currently, their container customers prioritize quick delivery, and aspects like very low VOC content are not yet a significant concern warranting additional cost.

Nor-Maali's rapid paint deliveries ensure efficient production for ShromaNor-Maali's rapid paint deliveries ensure efficient production for Shroma
Nor-Maali's rapid paint deliveries ensure efficient production for Shroma

Nor-Maali's rapid paint deliveries ensure efficient production for Shroma.

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