Long lasting co-operation with OÜ PMT Ltd in Estonia

The start of it all

OÜ Nor-Maali and OÜ PMT have cooperated for over 20 years. OÜ PMT produces steel constructions for paper and wood industry, as well as mining equipment. OÜ Nor-Maali has been the company’s main paint supplier throughout the last years.

Ten years ago, OÜ PMT started the production of professional snow plows for local and Norwegian markets. Their wish was to have a simple but durable painting system. In the beginning, the company used a single layer system of Normadur 65 HS in 120 μm. The system proved to work well for its intended use and OÜ PMT was very satisfied with the results. Later, OÜ PMT switched to a new system where they applied Normadur 65 HS in 240 μm, providing longer lasting protection. When the company decided to change their coating system, they did not ask equivalent systems from other paint suppliers, as the performance of Normadur 65 fulfilled all needs from an application and protection point of view. Normadur 65 HS has proven to give good protection and durability. Nowadays OÜ PMT supplies these snow plows under the brand name Meiren.

We have supplied tens of thousands liters of Normadur 65 HS without any claims. An achievement we can be proud of.

New equipment to coat – new products to use

Some years ago, OÜ PMT started to produce different machinery for agriculture, under the brand name Humus. They produce trailers, buckets, grapples and other machinery. The solution for the coatings used for these products was to propose high solid and glossy single layer painting system. We made several coating tests and OÜ PMT finally accepted and chose Normafine HS, which has been the perfect product for them. The product has met all their demands. They are also the first of our customers in Estonia who have started to use Normafine HS in their production.

Normadur 65 HS is one of our flagship products with flexibility and impact resistant qualities. It is a two component polyurethane coating, which can be used on various primers in different environmental classes and as a maintenance coating on old paint surfaces.

Normafine HS is a high quality and high gloss acrylic polyurethane coating that contains rust preventing pigments. It is used as a single coat system in C2-C3 corrosion categories on easily painted steel products. On corrosion categories C2-C5 it can be used as a top coat on various primers and as maintenance coating on old paint surfaces.

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