Kavamet relies on Nor-Maali´s fast service

The cooperation between Nor-Maali and the engineering workshop Kavamet has lasted already for almost twenty years. Kavamet is known as a manufacturer of high-quality steel and engineering products in Finland and abroad. Over the years, Nor-Maali has supplied coatings for several of the company’s projects. Kavamet is currently working on a large pipe bridge project where Nor-Maali’s Normazinc SE, NOR E-Primer and Normafine 40 HS products are used for steel painting.

Kavamet engineering workshop

Kavamet is an engineering workshop founded in 1984 in Tornio. Expertise, know-how and drive for success have put Kavamet among the important metal processing operators in Finland. Company´s expertise and delivery reliability come from and have been tested in a number of major projects in Finland and the Nordic countries.

Kavamet specialises in designing and manufacturing engineering products. The company manufactures machinery, equipment and entire production lines according to the customer’s plans and requirements. Kavamet´s strategy is to produce high-quality products in a cost-effective way, whether a single product, product series or a comprehensive project.

Throughout the company’s history, Kavamet has persistently worked to develop their products and operations to ensure the highest standards. Kavamet never compromises on quality or reliability in any stage of the process. All of their staff members are fully committed to these principles.

Kavamet factory in Tornio. (Image: Kavamet)

Modular pipe bridges for bioproduct mill

Kavamet is employed at the moment by Metsä Fiber’s bioproduct mill project in Kemi. Kavamet manufactures steel structures for modular pipe bridges, the total length of which will be approximately 4.5 km. Approximately 4.5 thousand tons of steel will be used for the project. Frames of the modular pipe bridges are painted with

Normazinc SE
NOR E-Primer
Normafine 40 HS

coating system. The project began in October last year and will continue until July. The painting schedule and coating deliveries are an essential part of the success of the project.

Normazinc SE is a zinc rich epoxy primer that meets the compositional requirements of SSPC Paint 20 level 2 and ISO 12944. Product is recommended to be used as a primer in environment classes C3-C5. Normazinc SE provides cathodic protection and prevents corrosion under the paint film.

Nor E-Primer is a fast drying epoxy primer with a special hardener that cures in low temperatures. Nor E-Primer is used as a primer in environmental classes C2-C4. Product is specially recommended for frameworks of industry buildings, pipe bridges, conveyors and structural constructions of process industry.

Normafine 40 HS is a high solid, fast drying semi-gloss polyurethane coating that contains rust preventing pigments. Normafine 40 HS can be used in environmental classes C2-C3 as a single coat on easily painted steel structures and products or as a topcoat in environmental classes C2-C5 on suitable primers. Normafine 40 HS is a user-friendly product: its spray fan is uniform and the formation of spray mist is low. The product forms a paint film that can withstand mechanical stress and provides excellent weather resistance. Normafine 40 HS has excellent color and gloss retention.

Kavamet relies on Nor-Maali´s fast service

Pipe bridge module built by Kavamet. Coating system: Normazinc SE - NOR E-Primer - Normafine 40 HS.

Normafine 40 HS paint surface.

Fast deliveries and help available when needed

Kavamet relies on Nor-Maali with the surface treatment of their products. The cooperation between Kavamet and Nor-Maali began in the early 2000s, and since then Nor-Maali has supplied coatings for several of Kavamet’s projects.

“When you order paint from Nor-Maali the previous afternoon, it will be in use at the factory the next day,” says Project Engineer Silja Marjeta.

The current coating system: Normazinc SE – Nor E-Primer – Normafine 40 HS was introduced to Kavamet last fall. Initially, a few tests were performed with the topcoat and some modifications were performed to make the product work as desired. Now the entire pipe bridge project has been painted with this system.

Kimmo Liljamaa, the owner and CEO of Kavamet, emphasizes the importance of technical support with the paint supplier: “Nor-Maali’s sales always provide quick help and direct answers to our questions.”

“Even with this painting system, Nor-Maali was immediately ready to modify the product to make our production as smooth as possible. The most important properties of the coating are fast drying and good surface quality”, he continues.

Silja Marjeta and Kimmo Liljamaa are pleased with the cooperation with Nor-Maali. “The cooperation has worked very well. Paint deliveries come quickly and help is always close, despite the long distance between companies”, they both thank. “With Nor-Maali, we are able to deliver orders reliably to our customers”, Kimmo Liljamaa concludes.

Kavamet relies on Nor-Maali´s fast service

Kavamet relies on Nor-Maali´s fast service. From left, Vesa Kolehmainen, Nor-Maali's domestic Sales Manager, with Kimmo Liljamaa, CEO of Kavamet, and Silja Marjeta, Project Engineer.

Kavamet Oy

  • Family business, located in Tornio
  • Founded in 1984
  • Net sales in 2020 15.4 MEUR
  • Total number of employees: 60

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