Taking part in Finnlines Plc’s Energy Efficiency Programme

Text published  01.06.2018

Less emissions by longer vessels

Our Marine customer Finnlines Plc has an Energy Efficiency and Emission reduction Investment Programme of 70 Million EUR. Four roro-vessels of the Breeze-series are being retrofitted with 30-meter extensions instead of building two completely new vessels. Finnlines is investing to the fleet in order to become more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Nor-Maali Oy / Jotun was chosen as the supplier of coatings on this project.

The lengthening project is current at full speed at Remontowa Shipyard in Gdansk. The first vessel M/S Finntide was originally delivered from Jinling Shipyard in 2012 and was delivered 30 meters longer again from Remontova in December 2017. The 30 % increase in capacity, approximately one kilometer of trucks, will reduce energy consumption per transport.

Finnlines is a leading shipping company in Baltic Sea and North Sea on ro-ro and passenger services.
Remontowa Shipyard has successfully coated ro-ro vessels M/S Finntide, M/S Finnwave and M/S Finnsky with Nor-Maali / Jotun high quality coating systems. One more same class vessel, M/S Finnsun is still under retrofit.

Nor-Maali Oy / Jotun was selected as supplier based on long term relationship, excellent delivery reliability and dedicated technical support along with proven product performance, says Project Manager Juha Ahia from Finnlines.

Chosen main coatings were:

Jotacote Universal, a truly universal primer for maintenance and new building in order to provide long lasting protection in external areas and tanks.

Supplied amount per vessel (Finntide) approx. 26 620 litres.

Marathon IQ2, next generation ice class solvent free coating. This product is following Jotun’s heritage of supplying coatings to vessels operating in Artic waters since the foundation of company from 1926. Marathon IQ2 is recognized by Lloyds Register as abrasion resistant Ice Coating. The key features of the product are extremely low ice friction and smoothness combined to extremely high impact and abrasion resistance.

Supplied amount per vessel (Finntide) approx. 1 190 litres.


M/S Finnsky, Photo: Finnlines

M/S Finntide

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