Euran Pintakäsittely paints with Nor-Maali´s Normafine 40 HS

Euran Pintakäsittely

Euran Pintakäsittely Oy specializes in high-quality blast cleaning and painting of steel structures. The cooperation between Nor-Maali and Euran Pintakäsittely has lasted 15 years, and over the years Nor-Maali has supplied paints for several projects. At the moment, Euran Pintakäsittely paints with Normafine 40 HS.

Euran Pintakäsittely Oy

Euran Pintakäsittely was founded in Eura in 1983. The founder and CEO of the company is Jaakko Virtanen, but nowadays his son Mika Virtanen manages the surface treatment.

Euran Pintakäsittely specializes in high-quality blast cleaning and painting of various steel structures. Objects to be surface treated include e.g. steel structures, tanks, machines and equipment. The paint shop is spacious enough even for large pieces.

In addition to the surface treatment, the company also provides professional and reliable transport services for special objects.

Euran Pintakäsittely paints with Nor-Maali´s Normafine 40 HS

With Nor-Maali´s coatings

Euran Pintakäsittely has been painting with Nor-Maali´s industrial coatings for 15 years. During this time, they have used several coatings from both Nor-Maali´s and Jotun´s product ranges.

Euran Pintakäsittely uses Nor-Maali’s products because they can always receive the coatings with fast and reliable delivery. Paint ordered in the afternoon can be sprayed already the next morning. This has helped them to deliver the surface treated objects to the customer on rapid schedules.

“Technical support and advice have also been received when necessary. Nor-Maali has always helped with all questions”, says Mika Virtanen.

Normafine 40 HS for fast throughput

Nor-Maali´s coatings are user-friendly. They are easy to spray like the currently used Normafine 40 HS. The product is mainly used as a single-coat, like Euran Pintakäsittely in their current project. When the primer is left out, the throughput time is shortened significantly. Normafine 40 HS dries quickly, so the need for touch up painting is also minimal.

Mika Virtanen is very satisfied with the painting properties of Normafine 40 HS: “The product does not sag even with high film thicknesses, so you can spray the desired film thickness with one coat.”

The surface quality is also really smooth. “With Normafine 40 HS you can easily continue painting the object later, because there is no visible limit between the paint surfaces. The new paint surface blends into the old one brilliantly”, Mika tells about Normafine 40 HS.

Good hiding power of Normafine 40 HS has also been one of the reasons for choosing the product. The object to be painted will have a good coverage and a smooth surface with a film thickness of 100 µm.

Euran Pintakäsittely paints with Nor-Maali´s Normafine 40 HS

Euran Pintakäsittely paints with Nor-Maali´s Normafine 40 HS.

Normafine 40 HS

Normafine 40 HS is a high-solids, fast-drying semi-gloss polyurethane coating that contains rust preventing pigments. The product can be used as a direct-to-metal in environmental classes C2-C3 on easily paintable steel structures and equipment, or as a topcoat in environmental classes C2-C5 on suitable primers.

Normafine 40 HS is a user-friendly product: its spray fan is smooth and forming of dry spray is small. The product forms a paint film that is resistant to mechanical stress and provides excellent weather resistance. Normafine 40 HS retains its color and gloss perfectly.

Facts behind the surface: NORMAFINE 40 HS

  • VOC: 300 G/L
  • POT LIFE: 1 H 30 MIN
Euran Pintakäsittely paints with Nor-Maali´s Normafine 40 HS

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