Nor-Maali Participates in the Central Chamber of Commerce’s Climate Program – Carbon Footprint Calculated


Nor-Maali is participating the Central Chamber of Commerce’s Climate Program, which began in January 2024. Nor-Maali is one of the 218 companies selected for the program. The Climate Program offers companies an easy way to start working on climate action.

In the Climate Program, companies receive practical training, tools, and expert assistance for calculating their organization’s carbon footprint, guidance on implementing genuinely impactful emission reduction measures, and the opportunity to aim for carbon neutrality.

Nor-Maali’s Carbon Footprint Calculated

The program has advanced to the stage where Nor-Maali has calculated its carbon footprint from its operations (scope 1) and purchased energy emissions (scope 2) according to the GHG Protocol. The Central Chamber of Commerce has awarded our company the Carbon Footprint Calculated mark:

Nor-Maali's carbon footprint calculated

Nor-Maali’s carbon footprint has been calculated.

Nor-Maali’s operational carbon footprint is 81.6 tCO2e per year, divided into direct emissions (scope 1) of 9.1 tCO2e and indirect emissions from purchased energy (scope 2) of 61.6 tCO2e. Emissions per employee amount to approximately 1.47 tCO2e. The largest emissions come from heating.

The emission calculation continues with scope 3, which covers all emissions occurring both upstream and downstream in the company’s value chain. Managing scope 3 emissions is challenging, especially for industrial companies, due to the difficulty in obtaining information from suppliers and end customers. However, this part cannot be ignored, as a significant portion of a company’s emissions come from these scope 3 emissions.

This is also the case with Nor-Maali. The calculation is still in progress, but it can already be stated that a significantly larger part of emissions comes from scope 3.

Emission Reduction Training

The Climate Program will continue next fall with emission reduction training, covering impactful emission reduction targets, the roadmap to carbon neutrality, and questions related to emission compensation.

Nor-Maali has already made efforts to reduce emissions through product development (low-emission coatings), material and packaging choices (larger packaging sizes and recyclable packaging materials), logistics choices (renewable fuel), recycling and waste reduction, and the use of emission-free electricity. Investments have also been made in employee training and benefits, such as enabling commuter cycling and remote working.

By identifying all areas where we can concretely reduce emissions, we will be able to decide on Nor-Maali’s emission reduction target for 2030 during the fall.

Nor-Maali´s Coatings Protect Mein Schiff 7 Steel Surfaces

10/7/2024 The luxury cruise ship Mein Schiff 7, built by Meyer Turku, was completed in early June. The ship's steel surfaces were protected with high-quality marine coatings supplied by Nor-Maali Oy, including Jotun products such as Jotamastic 90, Jotacote Universal N10, and Hardtop AX.

Kavamet boosts its process efficiency with investments and Normathane 50 FD

13/6/2024 Engineering workshop Kavamet has made significant investments in developing its production by building a new shot blasting facility and paint shop. The Normathane 50 FD polyurethane topcoat used by the company has also brought many benefits to the process.

Normafloor Aqua – Waterborne Protector for Concrete Surfaces

13/6/2024 Normafloor Aqua is a waterborne epoxy coating from Nor-Maali, CE marked and M1 approved, suitable for concrete floors. Normafloor Aqua is an excellent choice for floors in public spaces, warehouses, basements, garages, ice rinks, factories and paper machine halls.

Nor-Maali’s Domestic Sales Department Offers Fast and Professional Service

10/6/2024 Nor-Maali Oy's domestic sales team provides expert service in the field of industrial coatings. The team is led by Sales Manager Vesa Kolehmainen and includes Marko Patrikainen, Niko Kallio, Juhani Korajoki, Pasi Hippeläinen, and Ilia Stefanov. The team emphasizes collaboration and swift, high-quality customer service, adapting to the changing needs of their clients. Nor-Maali values long-term customer relationships that reflect mutual trust.

More EPDs for Nor-Maali´s Water-borne Coatings

6/6/2024 Nor-Maali´s water-borne products Epocoat Aqua Primer and Norecryl Aqua DTM have received  EPDs (Environmental Product Declaration)s. Before this, from Nor-Maali´s products, water-borne Norepox Aqua DTM and seven solvent-based coatings had the EPD.