Kavamet boosts its process efficiency with investments and Normathane 50 FD


Engineering workshop Kavamet has made significant investments in developing its production by building a new shot blasting facility and paint shop. The Normathane 50 FD polyurethane topcoat used by the company has also brought many benefits to the process.

Kavamet Engineering Workshop

Kavamet is an engineering workshop founded in 1984 in Tornio. Expertise, know-how and drive for success have put Kavamet among the important metal processing operators in Finland. Company´s expertise and delivery reliability have been proven in large-scale projects in Finland and the Nordic countries.

Kavamet specializes in the production of steel and machine workshop products, from design to the finished product. The company manufactures machinery, equipment, and entire production lines according to customers’ plans and requirements. Kavamet´s strategy is to produce high-quality products in a cost-effective way, whether a single product, product series or a comprehensive project.

Kavamet has consistently worked on developing its products and ensuring the quality of its operations throughout its history. Quality and reliability are commitments shared by the entire staff, and they are upheld at every stage of the work process.

In 2024, Kavamet made significant investments to enhance its production by building a new shot blasting and painting facility. This investment is part of an EU co-funded project aimed at increasing production volumes, improving quality, advancing digitalization, and addressing environmental factors.

Kavamet boosts efficiency with investments and Normathane 50 FD

In the picture, from left to right, in front of the poles painted with Normathane 50 FD, are Vesa Kolehmainen from Nor-Maali, Kimmo and Pauliina Liljamaa from Kavamet, and Antti Saloranta from Nor-Maali.

New Shot Blasting Facility

One key improvement in Kavamet’s production process is the introduction of a new shot blasting system. In the new blasting facility, components are first shot blasted, after which the shot is vacuumed away through the floor. Finally, the components can be primed in the same space. ”The efficient vacuum system prevents dust from spreading, improving workplace safety and comfort”, says Pauliina Liljamaa.

Topcoat is applied in the next painting chamber. The total length of the newly renovated paint shop is now 62 meters, allowing for the painting of longer parts than before. The system implemented by Pekotek has significantly increased production efficiency. “Previously, the bottleneck in production was in blasting, but now, after the new investment, this phase runs smoothly“, says Kavamet’s Managing Director, Kimmo Liljamaa.

Kavamet boosts efficiency with investments and Normathane 50 FD

New shot blasting facility at Kavamet.

Quickly Packable Normathane 50 FD

Thanks to the new blasting facility, Kavamet can improve its production efficiency by tens of percentage points. However, this is not the only improvement; the Normathane 50 FD polyurethane topcoat used by the company has also brought numerous benefits to the process.

Painters and packers have found Normathane 50 FD to be an excellent product due to its fast drying time and good packability. The paint dries in an hour without heating the paint shop, significantly reducing energy costs. The parts can then be packed and bundled with minimal touch-up painting required for any marks.

Currently, Kavamet uses a painting system that includes two layers of NorECOat FD Primer epoxy primer and one layer of Normathane 50 FD topcoat. When the painting starts in the morning, the component is ready for packing by around 2 PM. As an example of Normathane 50 FD’s speed, Silja Marjeta shares:

One component was missing the topcoat when it needed to be sent to the customer in the morning. Normathane 50 FD was applied the same morning, and it was shipped to the customer by 10 AM. The paint was completely dry and packable by then.

Kavamet boosts efficiency with investments and Normathane 50 FD

Poles topcoated with Normathane 50 FD.


  • VOC: 370 G/L
Kavamet boosts efficiency with investments and Normathane 50 FD

Kavamet boosts efficiency with investments and Normathane 50 FD.

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