Nor-Maali´s Coatings Protect Mein Schiff 7 Steel Surfaces


The luxury cruise ship Mein Schiff 7, built by Meyer Turku, was completed in early June. The ship’s steel surfaces were protected with high-quality marine coatings supplied by Nor-Maali Oy, including Jotun products such as Jotamastic 90, Jotacote Universal N10, and Hardtop AX.

Meyer Turku delivered the Mein Schiff 7 to the German-based cruise line TUI Cruises on June 10. The ship will sail in the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, and the northern Atlantic. All Mein Schiff ships in use (seven in total) are built in Turku, with the newest being the last in the Mein Schiff series.

Construction of the vessel began two years ago in June. The ship is 316 meters long, 35.8 meters wide, and has a passenger capacity of 2,894. The vessel runs on low-emission diesel and is equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction systems to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions. In the future, the ship can also use methanol as fuel.

Tui Cruises, founded in 2007, is a cruise company jointly owned by the German tourism company TUI AG and the American cruise operator Royal Caribbean Group. The company targets German-speaking customers seeking a premium cruise experience.

Nor-Maali´s coatings protect Mein Schiff 7 steel surfaces

Photo: Meyer Turku, © Mediascope Productions.

Paints and technical support from Nor-Maali Oy

The ship’s steel surface coatings were supplied by Nor-Maali Oy in collaboration with Jotun, the world’s largest marine coatings manufacturer. Thanks to the high-quality products and inspection services provided by Nor-Maali, the Mein Schiff 7 has durable and easy-to-maintain paint surfaces.

The total amount of paint supplied by Nor-Maali for steel surfaces was approximately 375,000 liters. About half of this was epoxies, with Jotamastic 90 being the most used product. Over 40,000 liters of two-component weather-resistant topcoats, such as Hardtop AX, were used. Approximately 40,000 liters of single-component products were used for the ship’s interior.

The products used for painting the ship’s tanks varied depending on the tank’s purpose: Jotacote Universal N10 for ballast tanks, Marathon 2:1 for grey water tanks, Tankguard DW for potable water tanks, and Chemflake Special for the bioreactor.

Since the ship was designed to be environmentally friendly and methanol-ready, the tanks also needed to store methanol. Methanol’s aggressiveness imposes high demands on the coating used in the tanks, and many types of paint cannot withstand the stress. Tankguard Zinc, a two-component, moisture curing inorganic zinc ethyl silicate coating, was chosen for these tanks. The product is intended for coating tanks and has excellent resistance to chemical stress. Tankguard Zinc is particularly suitable for alcohol solvents, such as for use in methanol tanks.

Tankguard Zinc is user-friendly product because it produces minimal spray mist. Additionally, the product has a good mud cracking resistance. The recommended film thickness for Tankguard Zinc is 110 – 250 µm WFT.

Nor-Maali´s coatings protect Mein Schiff 7 steel surfaces

Nor-Maali’s Coating Advisor, Sara Grundsten-Lyapova, inspecting the Tankguard Zinc coating in the methanol tank of the Mein Schiff 7.

Mein Schiff 7:

Tonnage: 111,500 GT
Length: 316 m
Breadth moulded: 35,8 m
Decks: 16
Speed: 22 kn
Passengers: 2 894
Passenger cabins: 1 447

Nor-Maali´s coatings protect Mein Schiff 7 steel surfaces

Nor-Maali´s coatings protect Mein Schiff 7 steel surfaces. Photo: Meyer Turku, © Mediascope Productions.

Currently, Meyer Turku is building the next Icon-class ships Star of the Seas and Legend of the Seas, as well as offshore patrol vessels for the Finnish Border Guard.

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