Does your project require an SSG approved paint system? Nor-Maali’s SSG paint systems are now available to you.


Nor-Maali offers SSG approved paint systems for companies that follow SSG standards. Four paint systems have been SSG approved and published in the latest edition of SSG 1006E (edition 12, 2022-03-23). Systems meet SSG’s quality requirements in line with the testing and evaluation norms stated in SSG 1100E.

Systems are:

GS80 TA60

Product name
DFT (µm)
GS NorECOat FD MIO Primer 80
TA Epocoat 21 N 60

GB40 TD160

Product name
DFT (µm)
GB Normazinc Plus 40
GS Noreguard HS 160

GB40 GS100 TB60

Product name
DFT (µm)
GB Normazinc Plus 40
GS NorECOat FD MIO Primer 100
TB Normafine HS 60

GK120 TB80

Product name
DFT (µm)
GK Normastic 405 120
TB Normafine HS 80

You can find the systems also from here. Nor-Maali´s SSG painting systems

SSG – Standardised services for a safer, more efficient, more sustainable Swedish industry

SSG – Standard Solutions Group (Skogsindustriella Standardiseringsgruppen) – offers standardized services for the Swedish industry. SSG has been working for more than 60 years to make Swedish industry safer, more productive, more sustainable and more competitive.

Many different sectors and industries face the same challenges; challenges requiring the development of standardised work approaches, solutions and methods. Instead of each company investing resources in creating their own solutions, SSG offers standardised services, standards and courses for their use.

SSG is jointly owned by the six largest forest industry conglomerates in Sweden: BillerudKorsnäs, Holmen, Metsä Board, SCA, Stora Enso and Södra. Participating companies in SSG are from several different industries, e.g. automotive industry, byggindustri, process industry, saw mill and timber industry and steel industry.

Surface Protection Committee

SSG runs committees in several different areas where participants have the opportunity to meet others and together develop standardised solutions. The Surface Treatment Committee is responsible for standardisation and research in the field of surface protection.

The SSG Surface Protection Committee monitors situations and works to distribute experience in respect of surface protection, as well as working constantly to keep the documentation up to date and ensuring that new standards and aids are developed in the field.

The committee comprises representatives from industry, international paint suppliers, contractors and technical specialists in this area. The committee works to distribute information and knowledge of the importance of choosing the right surface protection, and also to increase awareness of how SSG standards can simplify and improve work.

ESL Shipping’s M/S Arkadia was maintenance painted with Jotun products

28/4/2022 M/S Arkadia was maintenance painted with Jotun products at the end of December. The drydocking lasted ten days, during which time the ship´s cargo holds and hull got new, durable paint surfaces. The products used were Jotaguard 660, Jotamastic 90 GF, Jotaprime 500 and Hardtop XP.

Kurikan Hykoteam tested the Normadur Aqua DTM polyurethane coating

14/3/2022 Kurikan Hykoteam Oy manufactures work equipment and machinery for the needs of agriculture, property maintenance, landscaping and contracting. Usually their products are painted with solvent-based coatings. When Hykoteam was offered the opportunity to test the water-borne Normadur Aqua DTM polyurethane coating, they were immediately ready for testing this more sustainable coating.

Nor-Maali´s high solids NorECOat HS Primer – a more sustainable choice also for immersion

24/2/2022 Nor-Maali's high solids epoxy primer NorECOat HS Primer is an ideal coating to enhance efficiency and sustainability in your painting process. With Nor-Maali’s NorECOat HS you can paint objects requested to have corrosivity category/durability range up to Im1 and lm2 very high.

Jotun´s Marathon IQ2 protects SH Minerva in polar regions waters

3/2/2022 Helsinki Shipyard handed over the SH Minerva expedition cruise ship to its customer Swan Hellenic in December. The vessel will operate across all continents, specializing in polar regions. Steel surface coatings were supplied by Nor-Maali Oy together with Jotun. Products used were e.g. Marathon IQ2, SeaQuantum Classic S and Tankguard DW.

Nor-Maali Oy delivered steel surface coatings together with technical support and inspection to the luxury cruise ship Costa Toscana

28/1/2022 Meyer Turku Shipyard has handed over the Costa Toscana luxury cruise ship to its customer Costa Cruises. Steel surface coatings were supplied by Nor-Maali Oy together with Jotun. The products used were e.g. Jotamastic 90, Hardtop AX, Chemflake Special and Baltoflake.