AJ&J Service counts on Nor-Maali's fast delivery

AJ&J Service Oy

AJ&J Service Oy and Nor-Maali has been in cooperation since 2001. In addition to reliable coating solutions, AJ&J Service values ​​good delivery reliability as well as immediate service and technical support.

About AJ&J Service

AJ&J Service Oy, founded in 2001, is turning twenty this year. From the very beginning, AJ&J Service has listened customer needs carefully, provided comprehensive expertise and services for steel surface treatment. “We have two paint halls, one in Parkano and one in Kauhajoki. This provides us flexibility to service customers fast. Besides our own units, we have partners abroad to serve foreign customers,” says Mikko Mahkonen, AJ&J Service Oy´s Executive Vice President. “Our service concept is primary targeted for heavy general manufacturing and construction industry needs.”

AJ&J Service is specialized in surface treatment of large steel structures, both in corrosion protection and fire protection painting. Maximum size of the steel structure: height 6 m, length 50 m, width 12 m. The company has been involved in many large construction projects, most recently e.g. Redi, Mall of Tripla and Ratina.

Jaakko Marttila, the owner and founder of AJ&J Service Oy, started in the surface treatment industry in 1972. He still serves as Chairman of the Board and senior advisor, Mikko Mahkonen is responsible for daily operations in both locations.

“The most important thing for AJ&J Service is security of supply and Nor-Maali has responded to this call.”

In cooperation with Nor-Maali – fast delivery of easy to use coatings

AJ&J Service has been cooperating with Nor-Maali for 20 years. “The most important thing for AJ&J Service is security of supply and Nor-Maali has responded to this call,” says Mikko Mahkonen. “Technical support and immediate service are also highly appreciated, something not to take for granted today!”

Since 2001, AJ&J Service has used Nor-Maali´s anti-corrosion coatings, mainly polyurethane topcoats and single-coats, as well as epoxy primers. AJ&J Service values good application properties of Nor-Maali products. The most used product is Normadur 65 HS. The throughput time is an important factor in AJ&J Service´s production. Fast drying epoxy primer Nor E-Primer helps to achieve this.

Responsible operations

Both AJ&J Service and Nor-Maali are continually developing their operations and operating in accordance with a certified quality system. In addition, companies believe in the same core values ​​in their customer relationships. This creates a good foundation for cooperation.

The carefully planned and implemented process is the basis for the high-quality surface produced by AJ&J Service. Our professsional and development-friendly staff guarantees the high-quality surface treatment services for our customers, certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 quality system. The company also conducts EN 1090 audit.

The basic values ​​of AJ&J Service’s operations are flexible and individual customer service and a long-term and confidential partnership. From the very beginning, operations have been based on a model of continuous improvement. Mikko Mahkonen says that AJ&J Serice´s focus is to improve the customer´s competitiveness and bring them added value. Only close relationship between all parties during a project brings perfect end result.

AJ&J Service and Nor-Maali has been in cooperation since 2001

AJ&J Service's Executive Vice President Mikko Mahkonen.

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