Oü Nor-Maali – Fast service in the Baltics


Nor-Maali Oy’s subsidiary Oü Nor-Maali was established in 2015 to serve the Baltic market. Through its subsidiary, Nor-Maali wants to ensure fast and flexible service in this market. An important part of the operation is listening to customers, technical support and practical advice. Oü Nor-Maali’s product range includes Nor-Maali’s own products, but also Jotun’s protective and marine coatings, which the company sells in Estonia and to distributors in Latvia and Lithuania.

Oü Nor-Maali is located in Tallinn, where the company serves the Baltic markets. Oü Nor-Maali employs eight people. Activities include sales, inspections and technical service. Oü Nor-Maali has two Frosio inspectors.

The company has a warehouse on its premises, which covers a wide range of Nor-Maali and Jotun products. The stock is replenished from Lahti 2-3 times a week. In addition to this, some direct deliveries are dispatched from Lahti to customers in the Baltics.

Oü Nor-Maali was established to serve the Baltic market

Oü Nor-Maali: Rainar Jurisaar, Tarmo Laks, Reio Karik, Karolina Skibina, Deniss Kunznetsov Aleksandr Radtsenko ja Wiking Kalmõkov. Aleksandr Stennikov is missing from the picture.

Oü Nor-Maali’s managing director is Rainar Jurisaar. His career with paints began in 1997 with Jotun’s distributor. After this, Rainar was employed by Jotun. Nor-Maali became acquainted with Rainar after he worked for Nor-Maali’s former dealer. When Oü Nor-Maali founded in 2015, Rainar was hired managing director of the company. Rainar lives cohabiting and has one adult son. His hobbies are a newly bought puppy as well as a gym.

Oü Nor-Maalin toimitusjohtaja Rainar Jurisaar

Oü Nor-Maali´s managing director Rainar Jurisaar

Oü Nor-Maalin myyntipäällikkö Wiking Kalmõkov

Oü Nor-Maali´s sales manager Wiking Kalmõkov

Wiking Kalmokov started working in the paint industry in 2007 as a warehousekeeper for our dealer. In 2010, he began training a sales representative for the company. In 2014, Wiking expanded his area of ​​expertise by completing the Frosio certificate. Wiking now works as a sales manager in central Estonia and as an inspector for projects in the industrial and marine segments. His family includes a wife and three children and as a hobby he is renovating a newly bought cottage.

Nor-Maali’s distributor network covers the Baltic countries. In addition to Oü Nor-Maal, the Baltic dealers are SIA Latfintex and SIA Industrial Coatings in Latvia and UAB Alindra in Lithuania.

Nor-Maali’s water-borne industrial coatings renew industrial painting

26/10/2023 Water-borne industrial coatings are more environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional solvent-based coatings. Their popularity has gradually increased in industrial painting, where it is essential to minimize VOC emissions. Water-borne industrial coatings designed for metal surfaces offer users several advantages.

Nor-Maali’s new water-borne Norecryl Aqua DTM provides a weather-resistant alternative to anticorrosion painting – without isocyanate

27/9/2023 Nor-Maali's new water-borne Norecryl Aqua DTM, a groundbreaking 2-component acrylic coating combines the corrosion resistance of epoxies with the weather resistance of polyurethanes. This environmentally friendly direct-to-metal coating also ensures user safety as it contains no isocyanates.

The pedestrian bridge at Heureka was maintenance painted using the SILKO coating system by Nor-Maali

26/9/2023 Korroosiotyö Korkal has maintenance painted the pedestrian bridge at Heureka in Vantaa, using the SILKO coating system by Nor-Maali: LIVI B.2+ Normastic 405 – Normastic 405 – Normadur 65 HS.

Uudenkaupungin Työvene is constructing a dredger

8/9/2023 Uudenkaupungin Työvene is in the process of building a dredger, set for delivery to Poland. The steel vessel will be painted with Jotun coatings, provided by Nor-Maali. The primary product used for the painting is Jotacote Universal S120, which helps reduce VOC emissions.

Nor-Maali Sweden introduces a new distributor: Tinter Jönköping

5/9/2023 The dealer network of Nor-Maali in Sweden welcomes a new member – Tinter Jönköping. Now we can serve our customers even better in the Jönköping area. Nor-Maali´s industrial coatings are available from 12 distributors in Sweden.