Syntema Norr in New International Cooperation with Finnish Nor-Maali – are investing heavily in the North


Syntema Norr has signed a partnership agreement with the Finnish paint manufacturer Nor-Maali. The cooperation focuses on offering local industrial companies painting systems suitable for Nordic conditions, where the focus is on environmentally and user-friendly products.


Syntema Norr has, since its beginning, been committed to working with products of the highest possible quality. With the newly signed partnership agreement with Finnish Nor-Maali, this ambition is further strengthened. Lars-Göran Fransson, Technical Sales at Syntema with a wide range of customers in Norrbotten and Västerbotten, is pleased with the cooperation.

Syntema Norr in New International Cooperation with Finnish Nor-Maali

Lars-Göran Fransson, Technical Sales at Syntema. Foto: Syntema.

“Together with Nor-Maali, we at Syntema Norr can increase our flexibility and with short lead times offer products based on our customers’ specific wishes with requirements for environmental and user-friendliness”, he says, and continues: “We always strive to offer our customers a problem-free everyday life, the best technical solution at the right price combined with a strong environmental mindset. Together with Nor-Maali, we will take further steps forward.”


Already when Nor-Maali was founded in 1987, there was a great deal of experience within the company. The four founders had worked in the industry for a long time before joining forces to buy a paint factory in Lahti, Finland. Today, Nor-Maali is still family-owned with the same four families as majority owners, and the company is run in the same way now as then, with a strong focus on flexibility.

“We focus on being a quick and flexible partner for our customers through innovative products and technical support. With short decision-making paths, a flat organization, and a – in practice – direct line into the lab, we can quickly adapt products locally, making us flexible in our ability to meet customer needs”, says Anna Strindlund from Nor-Maali, and continues: “We don´t strive to be the biggest in the world, but we strive to be the best locally. With our partnership with Syntema Norr, we believe we can create value for local businesses. We strongly believe in this collaboration and look forward to becoming even stronger in northern Sweden.”

Syntema Norr in New International Cooperation with Finnish Nor-Maali

Syntema Norr in New International Cooperation with Finnish Nor-Maali. Anna Strindlund, Area Sales Manager at Nor-Maali.

Syntema Norr in New International Cooperation with Finnish Nor-Maali

The ability of Nor-Maali to customize products is perhaps the main reason Syntema Norr chooses to collaborate with the family company. “The timing of this collaboration is perfect as the industry’s rapid development in terms of environmental and user-friendliness requirements will not slow down. With Nor-Maali, we are sure that we will be at the forefront of these issues”, says Lars-Göran Fransson.

The partnership between Syntema and Nor-Maali became official in March. For more information, contact Mikael Vårstrand or Anna Strindlund.


Syntema Norr is part of Umeå Färg & Tapet AB, a family-owned company founded in 1942. Färg & Tapet also runs two consumer and professional stores in Umeå and Skellefteå under the Happy Homes brand. Within Syntema Norr, they sell paint solutions and equipment for wood, metal, and rust protection.

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