Now Nor-Maali has new facilities in Sweden – ready to serve you fast


Nor-Maali is improving its sales network in Sweden and has moved to its own, larger facilities.

The aim of new sales office and bigger warehouse is to improve the level of service and the delivery speed for the needs of local customers and distributors. Nor-Maali Group AB´s new sales office and warehouse are located in Enköping, about 70 km west from Stockholm.

Nor-Maali has new facilities in Sweden

Nor-Maali has new facilities in Enköping, Varggatan 23.

In our new larger storage facilities, we have a comprehensive range of industrial coatings, both water-borne and solvent-based alternatives. In our assortment we have epoxies, polyurethanes, alkyds, acrylics and couple of special resin systems. The products sold in Sweden are mainly intended for lighter industry, direct-to-metal solutions being in an important role. Read more about our products here.

In our warehouse we have tinting machines both for the water-borne and solvent-base products. We are thus able to deliver primers as well as tinted topcoats and direct-to-metal coatings quickly to the needs of our customers.

Nor-Maali has new facilities in Sweden

Nor-Maali Group AB´s Area Sales Manager Anna Strindlund and Country Manager Mikael Vårstrand.

Please contact and visit us:

Nor-Maali Group AB
Varggatan 23,
749 40 Enköping

Mikael Vårstrand
Country Manager
mob. + 46 70 537 64 04

Anna Strindlund
Area Sales Manager
mob. + 46 70 537 64 14

Nor-Maali has new facilities in Sweden.

Product safety and legislation for industrial coatings. What’s coming?

20/6/2022 Chemical legislation on industrial coatings is constantly tightening. This means that new obligatory regulations are required for suppliers and workers - reporting and training. The study of the environmental impact of paint products is still voluntary, but makes the company´s business more sustainable. Sirutiina Hakulinen, Nor-Maali's Product Safety Engineer, tells about two current topics: the future diisocyanate training requirement and the EPD.

Nor-Maali’s Sara Grundsten-Lyapova wrote her bachelor’s thesis on water-borne industrial coatings

7/6/2022 Nor-Maali´s Coating Advisor Sara Grundsten-Lyapova studied alongside her job and graduated with a degree in construction engineering last December. She wrote her thesis, The Use of Water Based Paints in Industrial Painting and Marine Painting, for Nor-Maali.

ESL Shipping’s M/S Arkadia was maintenance painted with Jotun products

28/4/2022 M/S Arkadia was maintenance painted with Jotun products at the end of December. The drydocking lasted ten days, during which time the ship´s cargo holds and hull got new, durable paint surfaces. The products used were Jotaguard 660, Jotamastic 90 GF, Jotaprime 500 and Hardtop XP.

Does your project require an SSG approved paint system?

30/3/2022 Nor-Maali offers SSG approved paint systems for companies that follow SSG standards. Four paint systems have been SSG approved and published in the latest edition of SSG 1006E (edition 12, 2022-03-23). Systems meet SSG's quality requirements in line with the testing and evaluation norms stated in SSG 1100E.

Jotun NORSOK M-501 coating systems

14/3/2022 From Nor-Maali for Finnish and Baltic markets Jotun NORSOK M-501 corrosion protection coating systems for offshore structures. These systems are designed in accordance with the NORSOK M-501 standard and implemented with Jotun products.