Durable exterior paint surface for tanks and pipelines with flexible Normadur 65 HS. A perfect choice also for maintenance painting.


The tanks and pipelines of Nord Terminal Paldiski petroleum terminal were recently maintenance painted with Nor-Maali´s Normadur 65 HS. The contractor for the painting project was Oü Nor-Maali´s long-term customer, Oü Korund.

Oü Korund

The Estonian Oü Korund maintenance painted the tanks, pipelines and the railway tank wagon handling facilities of the petroleum product terminal owned by Nord Terminal Paldiski. Oü Korund is a painting company founded in 1991 near Tallinn, Estonia. Korund specializes in painting of tanks and pipelines. The company carries out paintings both in its own paint shop and at customers´ sites. Korund has been using Nor-Maali´s industrial coatings for 25 years.

Durable exterior paint surface for tanks with Normadur 65 HS

Durable exterior paint surface for tanks with Normadur 65 HS.

Nord Terminals

Nord Terminals consists of several transit terminals in the Baltic Sea region. They offer the complex service of handling and storage of oil products and liquefied gases. At Nord Terminals they handle oil and all petroleum products, from fuel oil to petrochemicals and liquefied gas. Nord Terminals´ priority is to provide their clients a sustainable, safe, and environmentally friendly logistics service.

The Paldiski Terminal

The Paldiski terminal is located on a 28-hectare site next to the Port of Tallinn Paldiski South Harbour and is the only oil product rehandling terminal in Paldiski. The terminal has a tank farm of 358 000 m³. The modern technology allows for various types of oil products to be stored and handled in the terminal at the same time while guaranteeing complete separation.

Durable exterior paint surface for tanks with Normadur 65 HS

The light grey Normadur 65 HS covered well the previous blue color.

Maintenance painting with Normadur 65 HS

The tanks, pipelines and railway tank wagon handling facilities were maintenance painted with Normadur 65 HS polyurethane coating. Normadur 65 HS was chosen as the paint for the project as it has an excellent adhesion to old paint surfaces. In addition, with Normadur 65 HS, it is possible to paint thick films and it has good hiding power. As a pre-treatment the surfaces were washed.

Normadur 65 HS is a fast drying, flexible polyurethane coating with an aliphatic isocyanate curing agent. The product is high solid and contains rust preventing pigments. Normadur 65 HS has a good impact resistance and it can be piled after a short drying time.

Normadur 65 HS can be used in environmental classes C2 and C3 as a gloss and abrasion resistant single coat (DTM) on easily painted steel products such as doors, gas bottles, hand rails, etc. It can also be used as a topcoat in environmental classes C2-C5 on various primers, and as a maintenance coating on old paint surfaces.

The railway tank wagon handling facilities were also coated with Normadur 65 HS.

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Nor-Maali´s high volume solids polyurethane coating Normafine 40 HS – faster drying at lower temperatures

23/11/2022 Painting process cost reduction is currently being considered in many industrial paint shops. How to save energy without compromising quality and speed? Painting costs can be influenced by e.g. with the drying temperature of the paint and the number of layers of the painting system. The right product choice is therefore a very important part of the overall cost of the process. In a problematic energy situation, Normafine 40 HS is a cost-effective alternative for both topcoat and direct-to-metal coating.

Steel surfaces of Carnival Celebration are painted with coatings supplied by Nor-Maali Oy

17/11/2022 Meyer Turku shipyard has delivered Carnival Celebration luxury cruise ship to its customer Carnival Corporation. Steel surface coatings were supplied by Nor-Maali Oy together with Jotun. Products used were e.g. Jotamastic 90, Hardtop AX, Baltoflake and Chemflake Special.

Norecryl 50: a weather-resistant alternative to epoxy coating – without isocyanate

14/10/2022 How to achieve the corrosion resistance of epoxies and weather resistance of polyurethane coatings in a single coat system, where the use of isocyanates is not desired? By choosing Norecryl 50, an isocyanate-free acrylic coating.

Akvanor 100 SG, Akvanor 81 Primer and Norepox Aqua DTM have received the M1-classification!

23/9/2022 Nor-Maali´s water-borne coatings Akvanor 100 SG, Akvanor 81 Primer and Norepox Aqua DTM have received the M1-classification. The products have passed the strictest classification for building material emissions prepared by the Finnish Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate.

Water-borne industrial coatings for the painting process

12/9/2022 By choosing a water-borne product the painting process becomes both more environmentally friendlierand safer for the user.