The pedestrian bridge at Heureka was maintenance painted using the SILKO coating system by Nor-Maali


Korroosiotyö Korkal has maintenance painted the pedestrian bridge at Heureka in Vantaa, using the SILKO coating system by Nor-Maali: LIVI B.2+ Normastic 405 – Normastic 405 – Normadur 65 HS.

Korroosiotyö Korkal Oy

Established in 1992, Korroosiotyö Korkal is a company based in Pori, Finland, specializing in surface treatment and painting. The company employs 12 people, and its CEO is Kalevi Kallionkieli.

Korroosiotyö Korkal offers services in areas such as infrastructure, petrochemical, and maintenance painting. The company undertakes project-based painting jobs on-site at various locations and in client facilities. Typical painting projects include bridges, tanks, and maintenance painting in industrial settings.

While Korroosiotyö Korkal was founded in 1992, CEO Kalevi Kallionkieli has been in the industry for much longer. He has extensive experience with project-based painting in Finland.

Heureka´s bridge was maintenance painted with Nor-Maali´s coatings

The bridge was covered during the painting.

Heureka Pedestrian Bridge

The Heureka pedestrian bridge located in Tikkurila, Vantaa, extends from Tikkurilantie, crossing the Kerava River, leading to Heureka. The bridge is a type of cable-stayed bridge and was completed in 1989.

During the summer of 2023, Korroosiotyö Korkal maintenance painted the Heureka pedestrian bridge as part of a broader refurbishment effort. The bridge’s lighting and parts of its structure are being renewed. To reduce the bridge’s vibrations, dampers will be installed. The entire renovation is expected to be completed by December 2023.

The bridge was partially repainted during the refurbishment. The painting system used for this project was Nor-Maali’s LIVI B2+ system: Normastic 405Normastic 405Normadur 65 HS, with a total of 310 µm DFT.

Heureka´s bridge was maintenance painted with Nor-Maali´s coatings

Normastic 405 and Normadur 65 HS paint surfaces.

SILKO coating systems for new construction and maintenance painting

SILKO 3.351 coating systems for new construction and maintenance painting are categorized according to the environmental corrosivity categories of SFS-EN ISO 12944-2 (C3 / C5 / Im1 – Im3). For new construction and maintenance painting of bridges, the durability requirement according to SFS-EN ISO 12944-1 is very high (more than 25 years).

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency uses its own LIVI-initiated symbols in their painting systems. The painting systems are grouped into three different groups LIVI A, LIVI B and LIVI C. Group LIVI A includes systems with zinc primer. These painting systems are primarily intended for new construction. Group LIVI B includes painting systems without zinc based primer. These painting systems are primarily used in maintenance and other special applications. Group LIVI C contains systems for galvanized surfaces.

Only painting systems evaluated by the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency as suitable for its use may be used in the projects of the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, in accordance with the SILKO 3.351 guideline. The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency maintains a separate list, which includes the painting systems from paint manufacturers that the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency has evaluated as suitable for use. You can find Nor-Maali’s approved coating systems here.

Heureka´s bridge was maintenance painted with Nor-Maali´s coatings

Heureka´s bridge was maintenance painted with Nor-Maali´s coatings.

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