Nor-Maali has received the ISO 45001 certification


Nor-Maali Oy’s occupational health and safety management system is now ISO 45001 certified. Receiving the ISO 45001 certification is a concrete proof of the long-term and effective efforts that have been made at Nor-Maali over the years to improve occupational health and safety issues.

Occupational Health and Safety Culture at Nor-Maali

Receiving the ISO 45001 certification requires that a company has clear processes and practices that enhance the safety and health of its employees. In Nor-Maali’s case, this highlights the company’s longstanding commitment to the well-being of its employees, which has always been a central part of Nor-Maali´s corporate culture. The new certification further strengthens this commitment.

The achievement of the certification has been backed by systematic and ongoing efforts to improve the safety of the work environment and working conditions. This includes the identification, assessment, and management of risks, as well as the strengthening of safety culture across the organization. A goal-oriented approach ensures that safety measures are targeted and effective, and that all employees are involved in creating a safer workplace.

Nor-Maali has received the ISO 45001 certification

Nor-Maali has received the ISO 45001 certification.

The ISO 45001 Standard

ISO 45001 is an international standard that defines the requirements for occupational health and safety management systems. It helps organizations improve employee safety, reduce workplace accidents, and create a better and safer working environment. The standard includes guidelines for risk assessment and management and requirements for stakeholder participation, making it a comprehensive tool for the systematic management of occupational health and safety.

“Our certified occupational health and safety management system shows that we prioritize safety at Nor-Maali”, says HSEQ Manager Elina Syrjä. “During audits, we thoroughly review various aspects of our operations. This also provides an excellent opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of our methods and consider potential improvements. As a paint manufacturing company, in addition to taking into account the factory environment, we also work extensively, e.g. for the safe handling of chemicals”, adds Elina Syrjä.

Integrated Management System

The occupational health and safety system, along with the quality and environmental management systems (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications), makes Nor-Maali a more responsible operator. Together, these certifications form a solid foundation that ensures Nor-Maali Oy is committed to quality, environmentally friendly, and safe operations.

We continue our work to maintain safe working conditions, and the ISO 45001 certification inspires us to further develop our operations in the future.

For more information: HSEQ Manager Elina Syrjä

Nor-Maali has received the ISO 45001 certification





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