In November Nor-Maali Oy has reached an important milestone. Our factory in Lahti has now been operating for more than three years without any accidents requiring sick leave. This milestone was not achieved by mere luck.

We have continuously made improvements to the usability of our workspace. The most significant change has been through the quality of work and the collective investment towards security. We have increased work safety knowledge by assessing possible risks and we have increased our cyclic safety training. Ensuring safety is an integral task for every employee – taking responsibility of your own and coworker’s safety.

We have put emphasis on the importance of co-operation between employees and the close observance of our safety rules. We have highlighted the importance of reporting all close call situations and used the data to improve existing safety rules.

Another important aspect of safety has been to ensure that we have a spotless area to work in. This has meant that whenever a job is finished trash and unused materials are immediately removed. At Nor-Maali a clean working space and safety go hand in hand.

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