Nor-Maali products contain renewable bio-based raw materials


Nor-Maali Oy products NorECOat FD Primer, NorECOat HS Primer and Noreguard HS are utilizing technology based from natural and renewable, non-food chain raw material feedstock.

By thorough testing and formulation work, content of this material can be from 30 to 60 % in the paint component composition.

The environmental and cost-effective conversion of renewable and abundant starting materials to value-added end products, to meet present preparation needs, has implemented the depletion of nonrenewable (e.g. fossil-based materials) raw materials.

As a paint manufacturer, we are pleased to do our share replacing fossil-based raw materials with renewables and lowering the impact on the environment. By offering the new solutions to our valued customers, our products also contribute to a better environmental footprint.