Marathon IQ2 – The unrivalled combination of smoothness and toughness through ice


Marathon IQ2 is Jotun´s breakthrough solution for ice-going vessels. It offers combination of smoothness and toughness with improved application properties. Marathon IQ2 is an environmental friendly and user safety product. It doesn´t contain phenol or solvents.

Jotun has served the ice-going fleet since 1926. In 1996 Jotun launched Marathon IQ, a highly specialized product for protection of ice-going vessels. In 2018, with new technological advancements and learnings from customers and industry, Jotun re-developed Marathon IQ to further enhance solutions for ice-going vessels. Marathon IQ2 was launched.

Excellent ice slip properties and extended duration of smoothness

Polar regions offer the most extreme, harsh conditions, resulting in severe, continuous impact and abrasion on vessels operating in these waters. Standard epoxy coatings and ice coatings build up a roughness reducing hydrodynamic efficiency.

Marathon IQ2 combines smoothness and toughness to provide the best hydrodynamic efficiency for ice breakers and ice-going vessels. Marathon IQ2 is recognised as an abrasion resistant ice coating (LR Class).

Marathon IQ2 can deliver approximately 4.5% improvement in hydrodynamic efficiency beyond current ice coatings on the market.

Combination of the highest abrasion and impact resistance and flexural strength provides the toughest properties ensuring longer lasting smoothness. Low roughness profile enables low kinetic friction of coefficient (third party testing –Aker Arctic Technology). Marathon IQ2 offers estimated 50% reduction in overall roughness compared to current ice coatings.

The greener choice

Marathon IQ2 makes sense in every way. Not only is it the toughest and smoothest coating for ice-class vessels, it’s also phenol-free and solvent-free, making it the non-toxic, environmentally friendly choice of coating for ice-going vessels.

  • Disadvantages of free-phenol
    • Toxic when inhale
    • Causes burns
    • Mutagen (birth defects)
  • Free-phenol is EU Reach prohibited
  • Jotun Greensteps
    • Reducing hazardous materials
    • With introduction of Marathon IQ2, Jotun assortment will no longer contain any free-phenol.

Improved application properties

Marathon IQ2 offers reduced spraying complexity. It is applicable with standard airless spray instead of dual feed ja doesn´t require heating the components in the spray gun. Marathon IQ2 can be applied down to 5 °C. It has longer pot-life and shorter drying time compared to predecessor Marathon IQ. Spraying with Marathon IQ2 is more cost-effective.

Marathon IQ2 is Jotun´s breakthrough solution for ice-going vessels

Extension part of M/S Finntide was sprayed with Marathon IQ2. It is applicable with standard airless spray without heating the components.

Marathon IQ2 projects in Finland

Marathon IQ2 has been used in all newbuilding shipyards in Finland. For example, the new ferries, Wasaline´s Aurora Botnia for Vaasa-Umeå service and Tallink´s MyStar for Helsinki-Tallinn service build in Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC) are coated with Marathon IQ2.

Tommi Saarinen, Production Manager of painting contractor at RMC, Rauma, says that he is very satisfied with the product. “Marathon IQ2 can be sprayed without dual feed and does not require heating the components. The process is now much simpler. The fact that the process is simple also means that the costs are lower and the painting is more cost-effective. The HSE profile of the product is also a good addition. Marathon IQ2 doesn´t contain phenol or solvents. It is a better choice for both the user and the environment.”

“Marathon IQ2 can be sprayed without dual feed and does not require heating the components. The process is now much simpler. Painting is more cost-effective”, says Tommi Saarinen, Production Manager of painting contractor at RMC, Rauma.

Marathon IQ2 has also been used in several drydockings. M/S Finntide is one of Finnline Oyj´s vessels, which was lengthened in retrofit project. Hull was extended by 30 meters and the new part was coated with Marathon IQ2. Two other vessels, of total six vessels in retrofit-project, M/S Finnsun and M/S Finnsea, were in drydocking in the beginning of this year. Marathon IQ2 areas were in excellent condition. There were no damages in those areas.

Marathon IQ2 is Jotun´s breakthrough solution for ice-going vessels

Marathon IQ2 is Jotun´s breakthrough solution for ice-going vessels.











Nor-Maali Oy in Finland is a distributor and a licensed manufacturer for Jotun’s marine and protective coatings for Finland and Baltics States.

Jotun – Marathon IQ2 – Customer presentation – 23-04-2020

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