Code of Conduct

At Nor-Maali, responsibility is present in all of our operations, from long-term research to daily customer service.

Responsible business and trust in customer relationships have always been a driving force behind the growth of our company. We want to be trusted by all our stakeholders in all markets now and in the future.

As we operate in an increasingly international environment, in which many agreements, recommendations and sanctions are affecting the business environment. Therefore we crystallised Nor-Maali´s way of doing business i.e. our Code of Conduct. Naturally in this document we cannot anticipate all possible situations. Despite the antibribery and gift policy is from 2020 and updated in 2021. The topics have been already familiar to us since the start of the company – not bringing any changes to the way we operate.

Our Code of Conduct includes three areas:


  • We act in compliance with law
  • We comply with data protection requirements
  • We compete fairly
  • We maintain accurate records
  • We trade with common conditions


  • We avoid conflicts of interest
  • We do not tolerate bribes
  • We practice modesty in hospitality and gifts
  • We do not support political activities


  • We treat everyone equally
  • We promote the occupational health and safety for our employees
  • We are part of “Responsible Care” program
  • We take responsibility of product safety

Anti-Bribery & Gift Policy