We have a passion and commitment to measure and develop our operations, always in cooperation with customers. For example, we are seeking new chemistries as well as improving our existing ones: creating value for You. To succeeding in this, we believe in continues dialog and understanding of your operations.

We systematically strive to reduce the environmental impact of our own operations and products. For example by developing products that achieve the longest possible service life and long maintenance interval. In our operations we are committed to efficient use of natural resources, increase both the efficiency of production as well as resource efficiency. In manufacturing the focus is on efficient use of raw materials and reducing the use of energy and water.

Our facilities are managed in such a way that they do not pose safety and environmental risks or cause undue inconvenience to nearby residents.

We are continuosly investing in the development of more sustainable products. We are well prepared to service You in the transformation to more sustainable choices. With our wide assortment of high-solid, hybrid-and waterborne coatings we can already service many businesses comprehensively.